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Happy Towel Day

Happy Towel Day to all the hoopy froods out there! Here’s a free towel pattern (with custom mods) that you can work on while sipping your pan-galactic gargle blaster or some drink that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

I first came across this pattern at Craft Time at work. (Yes- my job came with a craft club. YES- IT IS AWESOME). A few of my colleagues have knit this towel pattern, found for free online here (Ravely link here).

The version shared with me was the row-by-row Word Document version that is available here. (I’m not sure if/how it differs from Dixie’s original pattern above). I really liked the texture and stripe but am not a fan of the single hanging strap. In my experience there is too much strain on a single point and it winds up stretching over time until the towel is sagging lower than desired.

To fix this I reworked the final steps to have 3 hanging straps per towel. (You can also do 2 but I didn’t want the middle to sag either). I also worked the contrasting-texture stripe in intarsia for an inset colored band that used up scraps of cotton leftovers from previous projects.

I’ve now made 4 of them (with matching washcloths using the leftovers) and have been consistently having 2 on my oven while the other 2 are in the wash, and swapping them out regularly.

The top two sets in the image below were made with Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton for the white and have buttons in colors that match the contrasting colors.

The two bottom sets were made with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for the white and have plastic snaps in matching colors set through the natural holes in the knitting. (I’ve been using my snap kit paired with a set of assorted color snaps and have managed to always find the colors I need for my projects). They have held up wonderfully and none of the snaps nor buttons have come loose with time or multiple repeated washings.

Finally I used the remaining scraps from each towel to make a matching dishcloth using my favorite easy dishcloth/washcloth pattern.

1 Strap-to-3 Strap Modifications

  • Work the towel pattern as written through row 61, adding repeats if desired to make longer towels. (Note that my towels pictured have 7 extra repeats of rows 43-46)
  • Row 62: Slip 1st st as if to purl (yarn in back), k to last st, p1
  • Rows 63-67: rep row 62 for garter band at top of towel
  • Row 68: (hanging strips setup row) Slip 1st st aitp (yib), k9, BO 17, k10, BO 17, k9, p1. You will now have 3 sections of 10 live sts with 2 BO sections in between.
  • Row 69: (first hanging strip) slip 1st st aitp (yib), k to last st, p1
  • Rows 70-100: rep row 69
  • Row 101: SSK, k6, k2tog
  • Row 102: SSK, k4, k2tog
  • Row 103: SSK, k2, k2tog
  • Row 104: SSK, k2tog
  • Row 105: BO rem 2 sts
  • Cut yarn, leaving tail to weave in, then rejoin yarn to next set of 10 live sts.
  • Repeat rows 69-105 twice.
  • If you use snaps, wiggle the post of each side of the snap through an opening in a stitch before pressing. If using buttons, add a YO on row 101
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WIP to FO Challenge- 19 for 2019

It seems like everywhere you look online these days, people are taking stock of 2018 and setting goals for moving forward.  The first few days of the new year tend to be all about making resolutions, and to that end- here’s one of mine:

I resolve to turn the following 19 wips (works in progress) into FOs (finished objects) before the end of 2019.

I’ll write at length about each project when I finish (and post) about them, but for now here’s a short blurb for each:

1. FO Project Jars

wip yearly fo jars

I need to rip out all the individual lengths of yarn (1-10 yards long, each), match them up with what project they were from, and put the separated yarn into jars designated for each year.

2. Harvest Moon Pullover – crochetwip crochet harvest moon

I started this sweater on November 25 2016 as a way to use my adored Noro Silk Garden limited stash on something for myself.  Limited yarn + crocheted pattern with big holes = a sweater that might fit… right?

3. Granny Rectangle Blanket – crochetwip granny rectangle blanket

I started this blanket on August 9 2015 as a way to use up random sock yarns I figured I’d never get around to using for, y’know, socks.  Figured out how to make granny squares as rectangles and then alternated with white for… some reason.

4. & 5. Ralph and Black Sheep’s Sweaters – sewing & cross stitchwip boys toys sweaters

I started these sweaters for the boys’ favorite stuffed animals a few nights before Christmas 2016.  They were intended to be little surprises for them but instead they’ve sat in a bag ever since.  Sadly Jakob is no longer as into iHasCupQuake as he used to be, so I’ll need to rip out the stitching on the front of Ralph’s sweater and hope it doesn’t leave gaping holes in the fleece.  Then I’ll have to figure out new designs to personalize the fronts, find where I put the sleeve pieces, and sew the little sweaters together.

6. Drops V-Neck Pullover – knittingwip drops knit vneck

I started this deep-v sweater somewhere in 2015 or 2016.  It’s slouchy and soft and I want to wear it already.

7. Fluffy Shawl – knittingwip fluffy shawl

I started this shawl on April 6 2015.  It’s been sitting untouched in a bag since roughly that Fall.  I love how the colors blend together (black Sandes Garn Sisu and purple/green Noro Kureyon Sock) and would like it to be done and hugging my shoulders.

8. Comfy Socks – knittingwip fluffy ankleless socks

According to myself, I started these socks 2 FULL YEARS AGO.  They’re supposed to be my ‘take along’ knitting but because I haven’t finished designing the pattern, I never take them with me to work on.  I need them done so I can reclaim the needles and portable hanging knitting bag and start being more productive again.

9. Fun Fur Vest – knittingwip fun fur vest

I started this Bergere de France vest in 2012(!!).  My Ravelry projects page has it listed as completed on Feb 10 2015 but clearly it isn’t.  No ends are woven in, it might need armhole cuffs, and I think I was debating overdying the entire thing black.

10. Doodle Fusion Marco Raffiné Page – coloringwip doodle fusion marco raffine

This page from Doodle Fusion was started last summer (I think) using only my set of Marco Raffiné oil-based colored pencils.

11. Grimm Fairy Tales Alice Page – coloringwip grimm alice in wonderland

This page from Grimm’s Fairy Tales was a test to see if I could get good results using dollar store colored pencils.  I’ve since moved the pencils somewhere else and want to finish the image so I don’t need to dig them out any more.

12. Grimm Fairy Tales Little Red Page – coloringwip grimm little red riding hood

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen this page from Grimm’s Fairy Tales back when I started it in June.  I love how it’s turning out and want to see how well I can complete it.

13. Imagimorphia Eagle 2-Page – coloringwip imagimorphia eagle

This double-page spread from Imagimorphia was started in the Fall of 2016.  I loved coloring the tiny rainbows and then lost steam.

14. Imagimorphia Egypt Page – coloringwip imagimorphia egypt

I honestly don’t remember when I started this page.  Luckily I’d blogged about it!

15. The Time Garden Quilt Page – coloringwip time garden pattern page

I don’t recall when I started working on this page in Daria Song’s The Time Garden either but judging from other posts about it I’d made in April 2016, I’m going to guess it was about that time.  I have NO idea, however, why I stopped it so close to being done.

16. The Princess Bride Fred Savage 2-Page – coloringwip princess bride fred savage

This page was blogged when I first started it, way back in March 2017.  I don’t want to move on to another page in the book until this one is done, though, so I need to make the time to finally get it finished up.

17. & 18. & 19. Harley Quinn, Betty Cooper & Teela Wall Hanging Trio – plastic canvas

wip plastic canvas girls trio

I’ve never shown these before, except for the odd glimpse in the background of Instagram pics.  I started this trio of plastic canvas portraits when I moved in August 2017.  While I love how they look in black and white (and blue), I designed them to be in full color and I’d love to see them complete.

Think I can do it?  Want to play along? Use the tag #19WIPtoFO2019 so I can see how many you get through!

ps: As I’m about to post this I just realized that 19 projects means committing to completing more than one per month.  Months that are already pretty busy with Becket, work, kids, commissions and all the new projects I want to work on and might come up over the year… Wish me luck- I’m gonna need it!!

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I might make a small commission on purchases made through the links, at no cost to you.


SuperBaby, revisited

The boys keep talking about what they want to be for Halloween this year, and it has me reminiscing about Jakob’s first Halloween, and one of my very first designs.

Here’s a repost, coming to you from all the way back in 2007.  Lookit how wittle he was!!


From November 2007: May I present…


SuperBaby’s special powers include drowning his adversaries in massive amounts of drool, and the ability to shove anything into his mouth. Foes are often foiled in their plots by his awesome cuteness which requires all who pass to stop, come closer, and kiss him.

SuperBaby also managed to stand by himself (leaning on the sofa) for the purposes of taking this photo.
His detachable cape is this season’s “in” accessory. No SuperBaby would be caught dead without a cape this year, and we hear that shiny red is the new black.

The pattern is my own, for both the outfit and the cape. I had Yannick’s help in creating the baby, and the Superness is all his own. 🙂

By the way, these are the pumpkins that Yannick bought for outside our house. Should I be insulted that the “Daddy” and “Baby” pumpkins are perfect, and the “Mommy” pumpkin is all lumpy and deformed?



My brother Aaron edited that pic up there and now SuperBaby looks right at home, defending the city.


He wore the outfit again for Purim too.  🙂


A little while later I’d contacted DC inquiring about permission to write up and publish the pattern.  (They, duh, refused me).2746347727_708f81ccb0_n

So… I modified it into a generic superhero instead, and now anyone who wants to can knit up their very own!


The pattern is written for ages 6-12 months [12-18 months], and includes full instructions and charts for the costume, the two shown chest shields, and the cape.  There is also a blank chart with instructions on how to design your own shield, in case you want to personalize it with your favorite SuperBaby’s initial.

It’s on Ravelry here.


pick ups

UPS is coming today!  UPS is coming today!  Yay yay yay!  UPS is coming today!

Don’t mind the happy dance over here…I’m just excited that this box will be leaving today to go to it’s destination.  It’s sad to see a project leave but I’m thrilled to know where it’s going and the physical act of it leaving my presence means I can move on to other projects completely guilt-free.



Without further ado, allow me to present Cadmium:

As you can see I was faithful to the desired sketch.

Cadmium is a dress/layering piece, sleeveless with 4 integrated belts actually woven through the runs created by dropping stitches.  It’s knit from side to side and the only seams are to close the tops of both shoulders.

Here’s a closeup of the belts.  Because they’re woven through the garment, you can leave the dress loose or cinch it up to gather at the waist or hips.

Because it’s knit sideways, it’s easy to modify the length by simply casting on fewer stitches and always remembering that difference vs the stated stitch counts.  So it could easily be made hip or thigh length.

The pattern is part of the premiere issue of Clotheshorse magazine, and I really urge you to check it out.  Besides my design there are a ton of other really gorgeous patterns (a few I’ve already planned to make).  You can find the whole issue here at the Clotheshorse site or find the pattern directly at Ravelry here.

(All photos above copyright to Clotheshorse)


cadmium preview

I’m so excited that I can finally blog about this!

Last year sometime, while browsing in a designers’ group on Ravelry, I came across a call for submissions for a new online knitting magazine that would be debuting in Spring 2012.  Their goal was to be very fashion-forwards and right on-trend with the latest runway styles.

I submitted an idea I had for a drop-stitch cardigan.  What would make it cool is that it would be knitted sideways, so that the dropped stitches would run horizontally, and then I’d deliberately place some of them to be near the waist so that I could weave a belt through.  I thought it would be really cool, and submitted these sketches:

showing my idea in 2 different colorways, with the intent of showing the clothing underneath peeking through the dropped stitches.  I also sent along a photo of a swatch I’d made testing out my belt theory.

A few weeks of waiting with everything crossed that can be followed, and then I heard the news- my pattern was accepted!  Yay!  All that they asked was if I’d be willing to change the silhouette to be a bit more in line with their ideas for the magazine, so instead of a sleeveless cardigan, could I make it into a wrap dress?  They sent me this sketch as an example:

That was a design change I was willing to live with, and so as soon as the yarn arrived I got to work.

First of all- the yarn is LOVELY to work with!  It’s Araucania Ruca Solid, 100% sugar cane, and my first time working with sugar cane yarn.  It’s got a sheen like silk and an excellent drape.

The pattern and sample was sent out last September and now it’s just been a waiting game for the pattern to go live…which it has!

Pics and link tomorrow- I’m such a tease!  🙂

ps I’m 2 rows short of being officially 2 days ahead of schedule on my secret project.  And Henri’s still coughing but has no more fever.  And my hernia(s) haven’t popped out again.  Woo hoos all around!



Did a ton of knitting today.  I’ll be doing a ton of knitting tomorrow too.  And the next day.  And…every foreseeable day in the near future.

See I got another design accepted- YAY!

But I’m not allowed to talk about it- BOO.

But it’s really exciting- YAY!

But it’s kinda big and will take a lot of work to get it done by the deadline- BOO.

But it’s my first time that I’m going to be published in this source- YAY!

But I’m not allowed to blog about it until it’s preview goes live- BOO.

So I regret that I won’t have much to show you guys for the next little bit.  I’m going to try to take more pics of the boys to keep the blog colorful.  Since I need to pay attention to this knitting, if I find myself with times where I can work on my January socks (which, let’s be honest, will be moved into February) I’ll blog those.

I can share vague updates though.  I’ve already designed the pattern, and am knitting my way through it to test it out.  Because of this I know exactly how many rows there are, and how many I need to do each night to stay on track.  As of today I’m…uh…6 rows behind schedule.  Oops.


organized chaos kal vegas scarf

It’s done!  And it’s awesome!!!

I love this scarf.  Have I mentioned that yet?

I don’t know what’s going on with my eyes or cheeks here, but Yannick’s not home and it’s the best self-portrait I managed to take.

These colors suck ‘cus it’s late and there’s no natural light, and the flash completely washed them out.  But still, I just finished twisting the fringe-

(See- fringe!  It’s colorful!)

-and I couldn’t wait to take pics.  Look- it’s a sequin!  I love how the thinner mohair yarn around the thicker yarn makes that “scribble” effect.  I need a whole shawl like that.

Sorry for the flash, but this was the best I could get, color-accuracy-wise.

So in the end this scarf was 63 rows (61 if you count first and last as co/bo), all designated by rolling a die/flipping a coin, as per my Vegas Scarf AKA The Knitting Game pattern.  I cast-on Jan 21st and finished Jan 25th, but really didn’t knit at all on Sunday or Tuesday, and not very much on Monday, so if you’ve got a bit of time here and there, you’ve got a scarf.  You could also use this same technique for a larger shawl, or tuck the fringe in and make a pillow cover, or a blanket…there’s a lot you can do, and every one will be different.  You can find more pics of mine, and those others have made, oven in Ravelry.

Completely unrelated, but I’ve got Much Music on in the background as I type this and there’s a song that has the guy from Marianas Trench doing a guest vocal.  I love his voice-oh and that scream at the end…amazing!  I’ve been too busy with podcasts to buy any music in the last few years, but I keep meaning to get a MT album, I love their sound and the wit behind their lyrics/videos.  Them, and Pink.  I think she’s my favorite female singer but I’m at least 2 albums behind.

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so in love

Oh my gosh.  I didn’t know I could fall so hard, so fast.

I love this scarf so much.  I cast on while the boys were playing after breakfast and I made it through 20 rows before calling it a night.

Totally gratuitous shot of my sparkly nails.

I love these yarns so much.  Each row is so delicious to knit I can practically taste it in my mouth.  I love seeing the colors line up, and seeing the mix of garter, stockinette and reverse stockinette.

I will confess that this is going to be called my “Organized Chaos” Vegas scarf for a reason.  I wanted to stay true to my original plan, and my original rolls of the die, and flips of the coin.  Luckily I’d prerolled 63 rows for the original scarf, and I decided to use them all, exactly as is.  I only did one teensy bit of pre-planning.  Two of the yarns (Bonsai and Tiara) had pretty short yardages, under 100y each.  I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t run short, so I quickly tallied up how many rows of each color I had prerolled, and assigned the rarest number to the Bonsai, which had the shortest yardage, and the 2nd least common number to the Tiara.  The rest were nearly the same, so I plugged them in randomly.

I did find it interesting to note that although the rolls didn’t seem “random” in the sense that threw people off on FB and in Rav (some numbers occurring repeatedly, or too close together), in my case it turned out that my non-appearing random numbers actually had a pretty even split of the rolls.

Wait, did that come out clear?  Let me rephrase- some people rolled the same number in succession, and chose to re-roll the “non random” number, or swap it for something else.  While the rolls really were random, it was bugging some people that they weren’t turning out “even”.  So what I found entertaining was that even though in some sections of the 63 rows the same colors kept coming up, so that area didn’t feel “even”, overall I got a pretty good split.  See:

Yarn 1: Polaris (gray with sequins)- 11 rows

Yarn 2: Bonsai (green tape)- 8 rows

Yarn 3: Marble (jewel tones)- 13 rows

Yarn 4: Campus (darker green/purple)- 12 rows

Yarn 5: Tiara (mauve with sparkle)- 9 rows

Yarn 6: Party Angel (fuchsia with sparkle)- 10 rows

Which means that yes, out of 63 rows (of which I counted row 1 as my cast on and row 63 as my bind off) I had each of the 6 yarns coming out with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 repeats.

That’s pretty cool to me!

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new beau

I was originally planning on just hitting up Walmart or Zellers and grabbing some random chunky yarn in colors I liked, or assorted random yarns in 1 color I liked, but Maaike convinced me to check out my LYS first.  I’d been hesitant ‘cus I didn’t want to end up with an $80 scarf, but I went.  And I fell.  Hard.

I’d been thinking something with blue in it, something bright, something to make my eyes stand out, since I’ve got a black winter coat.  I was looking at first at the chunky yarns, trying to find one yarn in 6 shades that I liked, but Diana who works there counseled me to just pull out anything that made me happy, and pile it on the table, and we’d go through it together.

These are what I decided upon.  The huge (almost 400y!) Marble Chunky was the first one I was drawn to, and we kept with the jewel tones and played with texture.  The Marble is 100% acrylic but I don’t care.  I’ve worked with the DK weight before (Jakob’s blue cardigan and my burgundy Clapotis) and I always enjoyed it.  I knew this ball would leave me a ton of leftovers and I plan on making at least a pair of slippers for myself from them.

Going clockwise we’ve got  Kertzer’s Tiara, which is a 72% Wool, 27% Nylon, 1% Polyester aran weight.  It’s the mauve one and it’s got a sparkly strand wrapped around it.  Next we’ve got the fuchsia ball of Debbie Bliss Party Angel, which is 72% Mohair, 24% Silk, 4% Metallic.  I don’t find it sheds at all, and I love the sparkly core it has.  The gray/white ball might be my fave of the bunch, and I hope to make another project with it one day.  It’s Rozetti Yarns’ Polaris, 65% Acrylic, 31% Wool, 4% Other.  That “other” is sequins!  It’s got sequins!  They’re prestrung about every 18″, and I. Am. In. Love.  It’s super soft, cushy, amazing.  Next up is Berroco’s Bonsai which is 97% Bamboo, 3% Nylon  and a lovely tape-type yarn with wonderful drape and shine.  The dark-looking one is another I fell for, Berroco’s Campus.  It’s 50% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 10% Alpaca.  Cushy, lovely, and I think my first time that I can remember knitting with an alpaca content.  Another amazing yarn I hope to use again.

I’m even more excited to re-start than I was to start!