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I’m so excited that I can finally blog about this!

Last year sometime, while browsing in a designers’ group on Ravelry, I came across a call for submissions for a new online knitting magazine that would be debuting in Spring 2012.  Their goal was to be very fashion-forwards and right on-trend with the latest runway styles.

I submitted an idea I had for a drop-stitch cardigan.  What would make it cool is that it would be knitted sideways, so that the dropped stitches would run horizontally, and then I’d deliberately place some of them to be near the waist so that I could weave a belt through.  I thought it would be really cool, and submitted these sketches:

showing my idea in 2 different colorways, with the intent of showing the clothing underneath peeking through the dropped stitches.  I also sent along a photo of a swatch I’d made testing out my belt theory.

A few weeks of waiting with everything crossed that can be followed, and then I heard the news- my pattern was accepted!  Yay!  All that they asked was if I’d be willing to change the silhouette to be a bit more in line with their ideas for the magazine, so instead of a sleeveless cardigan, could I make it into a wrap dress?  They sent me this sketch as an example:

That was a design change I was willing to live with, and so as soon as the yarn arrived I got to work.

First of all- the yarn is LOVELY to work with!  It’s Araucania Ruca Solid, 100% sugar cane, and my first time working with sugar cane yarn.  It’s got a sheen like silk and an excellent drape.

The pattern and sample was sent out last September and now it’s just been a waiting game for the pattern to go live…which it has!

Pics and link tomorrow- I’m such a tease!  🙂

ps I’m 2 rows short of being officially 2 days ahead of schedule on my secret project.  And Henri’s still coughing but has no more fever.  And my hernia(s) haven’t popped out again.  Woo hoos all around!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “cadmium preview

  1. Very cool. Love the design! I saw your link on Facebook. Congrats!!


  2. Love the design! I have some Araucania yarn in my stash. Maybe I will dig it out and make it into something.


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