pick ups

UPS is coming today!  UPS is coming today!  Yay yay yay!  UPS is coming today!

Don’t mind the happy dance over here…I’m just excited that this box will be leaving today to go to it’s destination.  It’s sad to see a project leave but I’m thrilled to know where it’s going and the physical act of it leaving my presence means I can move on to other projects completely guilt-free.

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just another night

Tonight was more of the same.  Pick up kids, feed them, play with them, put them to bed, throw in laundry, throw laundry in dryer, repeat.  It doesn’t make for very exciting blogging, but at least stuff is getting done.  Still ahead of the game knit-wise, but I actually get any rows done tonight, because I had to catch up on studying.  I did get the whole pattern typed up though, so am able to test-knit it by knitting it from the “final” pattern (as opposed to working from my scrawled notes).

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a good day

The boys were pretty awesome today, and I was able to first study and then knit while they played quietly around me, and then even more while they napped (while they didn’t actually sleep, they did play quietly in one of their rooms).  Once they were in bed Yannick brought home a yummy salmon tartare supper from Porto Vino (all mine- mussels for him) so I didn’t even have to cook, and then I got to knit even more while he went out to go study at Tim’s.

So now it’s bed time and not only did I manage to get todays’ rows in, but I also got tomorrows’ rows done.  See- a good day.

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No new progress tonight, but since I’m supposed to do 12 rows/day I guess it’s good I got 12 extra row done last night.

I would have knit today but in the afternoon I got an email needing me to verify one of my patterns after it had been tech edited.  I wanted to be sure it was correct before it was published, so I had to go row by row and check it out.  Then after work I met up with Jakob’s girlfriend and her mom, and we took the kids to McDonald’s for a treat of nuggets and fries for dinner, then some playtime in the park to get their energy out before bed.  I’d thought I’d be home just a bit late for bedtime, maybe 7:30-ish…but we only ended up leaving the restaurant at 8:30.  The kids have such a blast playing together, it’s a Friday so I figured it would be ok if they slept in tomorrow, and plus my future “in-law” and I (so said, because Jakob tells me daily how he’s going to marry his girlfriend) get along super well.

Once we got home and the kids were finally in bed, I kept working on my pattern and before I knew it, it was 2:00 am.  So no knitting, but at least the pattern editing was done.

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and we’re back on track!

Well we didn’t get quite the freezing rain that was expected, but we didn’t know that until late in the day, so I got to stay home.  The boys, however, were at daycare, which meant KNITTING TIME!

Again, the blog is kinda boring, but at least I’ve got good news- I’m officially caught up.  I’m not ahead, unfortunately, but I’m exactly at where I needed to be to be on track to finish in time to ship it in by the deadline.

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today’s progress is…

Hmm.  Confession time.  I mis-read my Excel spreadsheet.  What I should have said yesterday is that I was 32 rows behind schedule, not 6.

Because I knew how much knitting I’d have to do, I spent most of the weekend studying, trying to get ahead to be on track for the knitting marathon.

By the time I go to bed tonight, I’ll be 24 rows behind schedule from where I should have been by tonight.  But I have hope- they’re calling for freezing rain tomorrow which means I’ll be staying home, and can ideally get a ton of knitting done to not only catch up on the outstanding rows, but also get tomorrow’s rows done as well.

I hope!



Did a ton of knitting today.  I’ll be doing a ton of knitting tomorrow too.  And the next day.  And…every foreseeable day in the near future.

See I got another design accepted- YAY!

But I’m not allowed to talk about it- BOO.

But it’s really exciting- YAY!

But it’s kinda big and will take a lot of work to get it done by the deadline- BOO.

But it’s my first time that I’m going to be published in this source- YAY!

But I’m not allowed to blog about it until it’s preview goes live- BOO.

So I regret that I won’t have much to show you guys for the next little bit.  I’m going to try to take more pics of the boys to keep the blog colorful.  Since I need to pay attention to this knitting, if I find myself with times where I can work on my January socks (which, let’s be honest, will be moved into February) I’ll blog those.

I can share vague updates though.  I’ve already designed the pattern, and am knitting my way through it to test it out.  Because of this I know exactly how many rows there are, and how many I need to do each night to stay on track.  As of today I’m…uh…6 rows behind schedule.  Oops.