not wearable yet

I was really hoping to wear my new sweater to Guild tonight.  I knit on it during the boys’ nap on Friday (we were home ‘cus the daycare was closed).  I knit on it on Saturday while hanging out at Colette’s while Maaike learned how to use her new loom.  I knit on it on Sunday while watching No Strings Attached with Yannick, and I knit on it all day yesterday while catching up on Alcatraz, Once Upon A Time, CSI and New Girl.  At 11:30pm I was forced to admit that unless I were to take today off from work (not an option), I would not be wearing a new sweater (or at least, one that *I* knit) tonight.

The front is complete.  It’s got the live sts from the whole sleeve length, front neck, and other sleeve all on one needle which is why it looks all bunched.

The back is about 17 rows away from starting to finish the sleeves.

I’m keeping the arm/shoulder sts live instead of binding them off, stair-step fashion, as per the pattern.  Instead I will graft them later.  I’m also going to graft the underside of the sleeves after I seam the body (which was supposed to be seamless).

Then I’ll have the neck ribbing to do, and I’ll probably add at least an inch of ribbed cuff to the sleeves to give them a more finished look.

I would have had an extra hour of knitting time last night, but I took a break and after Yannick installed them, together we filled in:

My Nail Polish Racks!  😀

They arrived!  They were my Valentine’s Day/upcoming birthday present from Yannick, and I’m so happy!  The racks are clear but he bought some white…um…stuff (a hard non-porous material they make cutting boards out of) and had it cut to size to put behind them, partially to make the polish stand out, and also for support, ‘cus the pre-drilled holes in the racks didn’t align with where our studs are, and I’m not putting glass bottles on the wall if they’re not secure!  😛


plans for tonight

(ps the story of my absence will come tomorrow…I’ve been on the computer non-stop all day and don’t want to sit here much longer).

My Linden is so close to being done- I’ve only got about a 1/2 inch to go on the lower border, and then I’ll probably end up lengthening the sleeves.  The problem, totally my fault, is that I modified the sweater kinda…knitting a smaller size than my bust to have a narrower lower edge…and while I lengthened the sleeves to the length in my actual size, I forgot to take into account their width.  So my sleeves fit, but actually fit at 3/4 length sleeves instead of having open, slightly oversized 3/4 length sleeves.  I had asked around for opinions on if I should lengthen the sleeves to full length and the general consensus was that the baggier sleeves at full length would probably get annoying, but at 3/4 were perfect.  So I did 3/4…and forgot to account for them to be oversized…so they’re not.  They are just normal, 3/4 length sleeves that don’t seem to make sense with the jacket.  Again- NOT a design issue, TOTALLY me.  I should have cast on for the sleeves in my actual size and then finagled to make them come out to the same by the sleeve cap.  I can block them a bit wider, but they will look better at full length I think.

The problem?

This is how much yarn I have left.  Well, I have more yarn, but it’s in single skeins, and this is knit with the yarn held doubled, actually spun into a doubled skein by Maaike.  I’ll wind 2 balls into cakes later this week, and sometime soon Maaike should be able to spin and set one more b.a.b. (big a$$ ball) for me.

This means that in the meantime I can’t finish Linden.

I deliberately didn’t seek out any chances to publish any designs over the next few months, because I’m going to be off work for a bit after my surgery, and while it would give me ample knitting time, I’m going to take advantage and for the first time…ever?…am going to only knit for me during that time.  And for my kids.  Maybe finish the spidey blanket.  Maybe work on the sock yarn blankies.  Maybe knit myself a sweater.  Ahh the possibilities!

And speaking of possibilities: my plans for tonight.

I plan to swatch.

Exciting, huh?

I’m at least halfway done a 5″ swatch of plain stockinette in laceweight, so I want to finish that and free up my little “purse knitting” bag to tuck in a new pair of socks (March/April needs a pair).  I think I can get the rest of it done tonight, and then I plan to swatch up some fun ribbon yarn.


It’s not purple like it appears, the yarn is actually varying shades of blue, from a silverish hue through medium down to indigo/navy.  My mom had knit it up into a long, wide garter scarf which was lovely- if it were a shawl.  As a scarf it was huge and heavy and I showed her how to use her ball winder and meter counter this weekend and we ripped it back into cakes.  (FYI- ribbon yarn and meter counters don’t play nice together.  I ran through 4 other random yarns with no problem, but every time I tried to put the ribbon through it would stop counting).

Anyways, I had admired the yarn and Mom gave it to me.  I want to make it into some kind of summer top, either an open-knit loose tee to wear over a tank, or a no-closure cardigan with short sleeves.  I only have these 4 balls, and there is only about 250 yards total, with no ball band so I can’t try to find more.  So I know whatever it is, it will have to be open-knit, on larger needles, to give me more area while using up less yarn.

For fun, here are my current nails, done last night.  That was all I did.  I did my nails then went into bed and played video games.  (And you wonder why I don’t blog more LOL).  Anyways, it looked better in my head.

There’s this style…the reverse French…you do one color then another one just inside leaving a border.  And I loved the combo of the hot pink and the nude…but now that I have it on all I can think of is zombies.  It looks like my cuticles are bleeding.  And yet…it’s one of the smoothest, most even polishes I’ve ever applied, so I can’t bear to take it off yet!  (It looks worse in the photo)

(I swear).


getting my weave on

The boys were both home today.  We did the strep test, and the 5 minute one was negative.  They would now grow it for 24 hours, and if that was negative they’d grow it some more until it was 48 hours, and notify us if it ever turned positive.  Great.

I did some weaving in the afternoon while they napped.  The purple/green section is my 3rd shuttle, using yarns 5 and 6 together (a green-y blend and a purpley blend).  The stitch marker is just my marker for where I stopped counting picks (rows).  As I wind it up I’m keeping track of how many rows there are so I can make each of the 5 panels the exact same length.

I’m at about 47″, and I hope it will be about 80″.

Here’s a better look at my current manicure.  Jakob was surprised that while I was home sick I had bare nails, and asked me to paint them again.  I was in the mood for a chrome and couldn’t pick which one, so I used all 3.  Then I topped them with the black-dotted clear topcoat.  I considered them “Spring-y”, but someone said they look just like the foil-wrapped little chocolate Easter eggs, and I think they’re right!

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so in love

Oh my gosh.  I didn’t know I could fall so hard, so fast.

I love this scarf so much.  I cast on while the boys were playing after breakfast and I made it through 20 rows before calling it a night.

Totally gratuitous shot of my sparkly nails.

I love these yarns so much.  Each row is so delicious to knit I can practically taste it in my mouth.  I love seeing the colors line up, and seeing the mix of garter, stockinette and reverse stockinette.

I will confess that this is going to be called my “Organized Chaos” Vegas scarf for a reason.  I wanted to stay true to my original plan, and my original rolls of the die, and flips of the coin.  Luckily I’d prerolled 63 rows for the original scarf, and I decided to use them all, exactly as is.  I only did one teensy bit of pre-planning.  Two of the yarns (Bonsai and Tiara) had pretty short yardages, under 100y each.  I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t run short, so I quickly tallied up how many rows of each color I had prerolled, and assigned the rarest number to the Bonsai, which had the shortest yardage, and the 2nd least common number to the Tiara.  The rest were nearly the same, so I plugged them in randomly.

I did find it interesting to note that although the rolls didn’t seem “random” in the sense that threw people off on FB and in Rav (some numbers occurring repeatedly, or too close together), in my case it turned out that my non-appearing random numbers actually had a pretty even split of the rolls.

Wait, did that come out clear?  Let me rephrase- some people rolled the same number in succession, and chose to re-roll the “non random” number, or swap it for something else.  While the rolls really were random, it was bugging some people that they weren’t turning out “even”.  So what I found entertaining was that even though in some sections of the 63 rows the same colors kept coming up, so that area didn’t feel “even”, overall I got a pretty good split.  See:

Yarn 1: Polaris (gray with sequins)- 11 rows

Yarn 2: Bonsai (green tape)- 8 rows

Yarn 3: Marble (jewel tones)- 13 rows

Yarn 4: Campus (darker green/purple)- 12 rows

Yarn 5: Tiara (mauve with sparkle)- 9 rows

Yarn 6: Party Angel (fuchsia with sparkle)- 10 rows

Which means that yes, out of 63 rows (of which I counted row 1 as my cast on and row 63 as my bind off) I had each of the 6 yarns coming out with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 repeats.

That’s pretty cool to me!


ow and wow

So I started a new project a few days ago, but I can’t show it to you. See my cousin had a new baby last week, and I was waiting to know the baby’s gender before making my gift. Now I know that they had a baby boy, but I also know that the baby’s mom sometimes reads my blog. I’m pretty sure she’s too busy right now to be reading, but just in case I’m going to hold off on a pic.

What I can show you, though, is the knitting-related injury this project has caused.


See the cut on my thumb? That’s from using it to help force a 4mm needle through double-stranded worsted weight yarn. I ended up with 2 long cuts along the ridges of my thumb and index finger. (I knew my thumb/finger was sore from pushing but i didn’t know the cuts were there until I held an acetone-soaked pad when removing my last manicure. Hence- “ow”!)

On the flip side, (literally, heh) I can show you my current manicure. I am so in love with this polish! (Hence- “wow”.)

Doesn’t it look like my nails are covered in slices if Tiger’s Eye?