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Baby Girl Baby Shower Cake with Fondant Flowers

Two weeks ago I shared the cake I made for my sister’s bridal shower.  As the saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Mommy with the baby carriage.

Sure enough, about a year later I got to make a baby shower cake for my first niece*!

This post isn’t going to be a full walkthrough, but rather a look at the process for designing and making a baby shower cake. As explained in my “how to bake a cake” post, it’s important to do as much prep as you can in advance. Not only do cakes need time to cool fully before you start to decorate, but some decor pieces need time to dry or set up.

My cakes always start with a sketch and some research. In this case I knew the number of people it would be serving, and that it was for a baby girl, but the rest was up to me. I decided on a layered cake with some kind of topper, and after looking at sample cakes online I vetoed a crib in favor of a baby on top of the cake.

I always make an Excel file with inspiration samples. The goal is not to straight copy anything you find, but to have a sense of what’s possible. At the time I didn’t yet have a baby mold so since I’d be hand-sculpting I collected an assortment of toppers that looked like something I could do.

I’d enjoyed texturing the fondant into ribbons for Laura’s bridal shower cake and so to tie the two cakes together I chose to make a sort of flower shape by flanging out the edges of pre-cut circles. The only thing I had to decide was if I’d color the edges or the centers of the flowers. I also had to make the fondant topper so it would have time to solidify before setting atop the cake.

The baby shower was on a Saturday and I still had residual exhaustion from finishing her last cake at 5am the morning of her party, so I got started early – on Wednesday.

I always like to assemble my supplies before I start. There’s a tub of white fondant, fondant shaping tools, my organized container of tools, paintbrushes and edible markers, my collection of gel colors, water, mini vodka bottles (for fondant painting), paper towels for blotting, and most importantly – the cake tin I’d be using for the top tier (so I could scale my topper appropriately. Plus my iPad for both inspiration and entertainment while working.

To make the flowers I used my fondant roller and silicone mat to roll out some fondant to about 2mm thick. I used a 1.5″ circle cutter to cut out 3 circles for each flower sample and flared out the edges by rolling over them with a ball tool on a foam mat. Using a food-only paintbrush and some pink edible color dust, I brushed the center of 3 of the disks and the edges of the other 3, and then loosely squished each circle with my fingers and pressed them together. I much preferred the pink-center version, so now I was able to make a proper sketch and decide on my topper (as I still wasn’t sure if I wanted a seated figure or the laying-down-with-blanket style.

A sketch really helps to visualize your plans. Once I saw how busy the cake would look with the lower tier covered in flowers I decided the blanket baby would be too much.

Next was to make the baby. In my research I found that the creator of the first baby in my inspo pic had a full YouTube tutorial available. Don’t shy away from tutorials, that’s what they’re there for! I keep up this blog specifically so my tutorials can help others, and to share what I’ve found. Here is the designer’s website with instructions on making the baby boy, and the video I followed for the baby girl:

How could I not recommend it? Look how cute it turned out!

Seriously, I love her!! My only mistake was in laying the head down while I worked on the body. Unfortunately it flattened out and I didn’t want to mess up the face by trying to round it out again. So my figure looks great from the front but her head is clearly a little squished from a side view – oops! I’d recommend perhaps laying the head in a bowl of icing sugar, flour or corn starch to hold it without applying pressure to any of the sides.

On the Thursday night I baked 2 cakes, and prepped them to cool as per my post linked above. Then Friday night was for putting it all together.

First I covered each tier in fondant – white for the flower base and a pink matching the baby diaper for the upper tier.

Knowing how heavy the solid-fondant baby figure was, I inserted a wide straw (ones for slushies are perfect) and cut it to be flush with the top tier. This would provide support and hold the weight of the figure so the cakes wouldn’t compress.

Next was to make more flowers. As for my sample, I rolled out a workable section of fondant, cut a bunch of circles, added some color to the center then squished the sides in. Be careful to not roll out more than you can handle at a time, so they don’t harden before you can flare the edges and squish them into shape. The flowers were applied to the cake with a bit of water on the cake and the adjacent petals. If necessary hold into place for a few seconds until it stays. Cover the entire base.

Remember to look at your cake from different angles. I hadn’t – I remained seated the entire time – and so I didn’t realize until I was looking at it later from above that there was a gap along the edge of the top cake where you could see the unfinished edge. Had I noticed in time I’d have pushed the top edge of petals up higher to fully encircle the top tier.

I had a few extra flowers in the end so I placed them around the baby figure, though that’s completely optional.

And there’s the finished cake! I absolutely love how it turned out. The flowers/petals give a great visual payoff that belies how EASY they are to make. Looks great and easy to customize with your choice of colors – I highly recommend!

And just as for her bridal shower cake, here’s a bonus pic of the mom-to-be with her baby shower cake. ❤

*whose arrival was followed immediately after – as in, less than 24 hours later!! – by my second niece! ❤

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SuperBaby, revisited

The boys keep talking about what they want to be for Halloween this year, and it has me reminiscing about Jakob’s first Halloween, and one of my very first designs.

Here’s a repost, coming to you from all the way back in 2007.  Lookit how wittle he was!!


From November 2007: May I present…


SuperBaby’s special powers include drowning his adversaries in massive amounts of drool, and the ability to shove anything into his mouth. Foes are often foiled in their plots by his awesome cuteness which requires all who pass to stop, come closer, and kiss him.

SuperBaby also managed to stand by himself (leaning on the sofa) for the purposes of taking this photo.
His detachable cape is this season’s “in” accessory. No SuperBaby would be caught dead without a cape this year, and we hear that shiny red is the new black.

The pattern is my own, for both the outfit and the cape. I had Yannick’s help in creating the baby, and the Superness is all his own. 🙂

By the way, these are the pumpkins that Yannick bought for outside our house. Should I be insulted that the “Daddy” and “Baby” pumpkins are perfect, and the “Mommy” pumpkin is all lumpy and deformed?



My brother Aaron edited that pic up there and now SuperBaby looks right at home, defending the city.


He wore the outfit again for Purim too.  🙂


A little while later I’d contacted DC inquiring about permission to write up and publish the pattern.  (They, duh, refused me).2746347727_708f81ccb0_n

So… I modified it into a generic superhero instead, and now anyone who wants to can knit up their very own!


The pattern is written for ages 6-12 months [12-18 months], and includes full instructions and charts for the costume, the two shown chest shields, and the cape.  There is also a blank chart with instructions on how to design your own shield, in case you want to personalize it with your favorite SuperBaby’s initial.

It’s on Ravelry here.


almost everything else missing

I’ve changed my mind, and am not going to post backdated photos of the boys doing cute things or playing together.  I’d wanted to catch up each month as it comes, but the more I delay the more recent events become part of the backlogged past, and I will never catch up.  Here are the last of Henri’s weekly photos and monthly chair photos, which will free me up to start posting “live” again. 


Here’s Henri’s 9 month chair photo.  I think I’m missing 7 and 8 months, but it doesn’t matter at this point!

Mommy with Henri at 38 weeks.

…39 weeks…

…40 weeks…

…41 weeks…

…42 weeks…

Here’s his 10 month chair photo…

…43 weeks…

…44 weeks…

…45 weeks…

…46 weeks…

…11 month chair photo…

…47 weeks…

…48 weeks…

…49 weeks (on his own ‘cus I’d forgotten to take one with me)…

Henri at 50 weeks

Henri at 51 weeks (forgot to take a photo with me again)

 And instead of a 52 week photo (‘cus I forgot that too…man second-kid-syndrome is accurate!) here’s his 1 year chair photo, from January.

Henri is an awesome, funny, happy kid.  He’s a mule who will bulldoze his way through anything, over your legs and even through walls somehow.  He is the epitome of persistant, and I truly don’t think there’s anything he can’t do if he wants to do it badly enough.  He’s always in such a good mood that when covered up, no one would ever guess how severe his skin problems are.  He probably thinks it’s normal, and behaves as such.  He’s a trouper, and beautiful, and loving, and so much his own person that it drives me crazy when I expect him to act like Jakob.  But he’s not Jakob.  He’s our wonderful Henri, and we are so happy to have him in our lives.

 There, you’re caught up!  Now all I have to do is catch up on uploading my knitting projects but hey- it’s a start!


four months

By four months, your baby…

…should be able to:

– on stomach, lift head up 90 degrees – not really

– laugh out loud – CHECK

– follow an object in an arc about 6 inches above the face for 190 degrees (from one side to the other) – CHECK

2009-05-08 4 months 01a

…will probably be able to:

hold head steady when upright – CHECK

– on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms – nope

– grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers – CHECK

– pay attention to an object as small as a raisin – I think so

– reach for an object – CHECK

– squeal in delight – CHECK

2009-05-08 4 months 03a

…may possibly be able to:

– keep head level with body when pulled to sitting – CHECK

– roll over (one way) – CHECK

– turn in the direction of a voice, particularily mommy’s – CHECK

– say “ahh-goo” or similar vowel-consonant combinations – CHECK

– razz (make a wet razzing sound) – not really, but I think he tried to the other day

2009-05-08 4 months 08a

…may even be able to:

– bear some weight on legs when held upright – CHECK – this is his FAVORITE thing to do!

– sit without support – nope

– object if you try to take a toy away – nope

– turn in the direction of a voice – CHECK

2009-05-08 4 months 02a


What can I say about Henri at four months old?  He’s my little big boy.  I have to remind myself to stop comparing him to Jakob, because he’s his own person.  I also have to remind myself he really is only 4 months old, and cannot therefore do what a, say, 7 month old would…even though he’s the size that Jakob was at 7.5 months old.  He’s still a baby and I need to enjoy every second of it, not sit around waiting for him to “catch up” to where Jakob is.

Henri at four months old is a delight.  No, he’s not napping much better, and no, his nights are broken up by multiple wakings to feed, but he’s not a “bad” baby.  He’s so much fun to be around, as he has the best personality ever.  If you’re in the same room as him then he wants to engage your company, and if you dare to smile at him- watch out!  You’ll be instantly assaulted with a barrage of drooly, gummy smiles.  I swear this kid smiles so big his lips disappear!  He will flirt with anyone and everyone.   

He’s not a fussy baby and really only cries when he’s hungry or hurt.  He isn’t demanding either, and is able to and enjoys spending time playing alone in his crib or on a floor mat (supervised, of course!).  He doesn’t have a constant need to be held or to have someone’s attention, but he will charm the hell out of you if you pick him up and give him a cuddle.  He’s very ticklish, and his squeals of laughter when you tickle him are a riot!


what happened today

No photos because I forgot the camera somewhere upstairs and I’m spending a few moments hiding out here in the cool, dark basement.  Can someone send me some tea?

The Log Cabin blanket was seamed and in the end I decided not to line it or put a crochet border.  I hope Robyn and Amy agreed with my decision!  I realized that it might look silly having an outline around the blanket when we’d chosen such a striking geometric pattern.  Also, any border or lining would restrict the blanket from stretching, whereas the nature of the garter stitch IS to stretch.  The blanket, unstretched but patted lightly into place on my bed, measures 50″ across and up/down.  But because of the weight and stitch, when I hold it up to my nose, it sags almost to the floor.  The stretchiness allows it to snug up all around you, easily covering one person vegging on a couch, and probably most of 2 people.  All in all, perfect for a throw, I think.  I’ll upload photos tomorrow, hopefully.

We had the bridal shower yesterday and we gave Caryn the blanket, and I think she really liked it.  It’s hard to tell when giving people unexpected handmade items, but I hope that she will enjoy cuddling up under it with her fiancé (and later, her husband).  I sent Jakob to work with Yannick for the day and had Henri with me at the shower.  He was the lone guy there, but I was breastfeeding so I couldn’t leave him home.  (The little snob refuses bottles.  I forgot to keep giving him one a day once the bfeeding got easier, and am paying for it now.  I’m hoping if I make an effort to give him one a day that he’ll eventually take them again.  I don’t even care if it is formula or bmilk in the bottle, as long as he drinks from it).  We had a really good time, and Henri was super well-behaved and I was really proud of him.  He was all smiles and only cried once when he was hungry.  He even took 2 naps in my arms, in the middle of the crowded room during games and gift opening.  (He even stayed asleep when I almost dropped a crystal candy jar on his head and instead spilled the strawberry-flavored Malt candies that people were trying to count all over the floor).  Did that last phrase make sense?  I’m too tired to go back and add commas.

So what happened today?  Well, as usual on Sundays, Jakob and Yannick went to Jakob’s swimming class.  Only a few weeks left and he’s done for this session.  Next session will start his colors!  I’m so excited!  (Yannick is too- he can finally stop getting in the freezing pool).

Also today our friends Julie & Rich and their almost 18-month old daughter came in from Ottawa and hung out for lunch and a bit.  It was great letting the kids play together, although at this age they more play “side by side” as opposed to playing “together”.  Still, they were cute and even kissed a few times!  Does this make Kayla his first girlfriend?  Can I put “first kiss” in his baby book?  I wish I could say this is the farthest he’s gone with a girl, but at the wee young age of 6 months he was lying next to a little girl in his playgroup and reached up her skirt.  Daddy’s boy… LOL.

Also today [ let me just interrupt myself here.  When was Henri born?  On Jan 8th.  He’s not 4 months old yet, right?  Nope, he’ll only turn 4 months on May 8th, almost a week away.  Ok, so he’s still technically 3 months old?  Yeah, technically.]

Where was I?  Oh yeah- today my 3-month-old cut his first tooth.

My 3 month old has a tooth, people!!!!!

Cut.  Out.  Completely through the gums.  Lower right center tooth, but the left one is very swollen and ready to go any day now too.  I only saw the “pockets” swell up for the first time last week and now…he’s got a tooth.

Between his size, the way he tries to roll over ALL THE TIME and has managed to flip onto his stomach at least once while awake and at least 3 times while sleeping, and now the tooth…a part of me wonders if I could somehow have been pregnant 2 months longer than I’d thought.  Could he really be closer to 6 months old?  I’m not actually serious here, I know I measured “dead on” for each month of gestation as I passed it, and I know when I had my last period, and I know I gave birth at 39 weeks, NOT some magical 47-week-long pregnancy.  But still, I can’t help but wonder…


13 and 14 weeks


Mommy with Henri at 13 weeks old.

Don’t ask me to remember what I did in weeks 13 or 14.  I keep meaning to sit down at the computer, and I do get time to read emails, etc, but either I go to post but haven’t synced my camera yet, or I have the photos but no time to do the post.  Sigh.  Soon, I’ll get things back on track.


I know it’s getting easier to get photos of the boys together, because all Jakob wants to do is play with his brother.  And kiss him.  And read him stories.  And kiss him.  Did I mention he wants to kiss him?  Thankfully I’m breastfeeding, or Henri would have had almost a cold a day from all the germs Jakob brings home and slobbers into his mouth. 


Mommy with Henri at 14 weeks old.

Not the most flattering photo of either of us, eh?  For Henri- excuse the triple chins- it’s the angle of his head.  And the horizontal stripes.  Ugh, NOT a good look for him!  As for me, well that was the day I first came home with the bangs and the blue hair.   Unfortunately I left the salon with my hair still damp and didn’t realize until it had dried that instead of having blonde hair with high- and low-lights, my hair was pretty much brown.  I went back the next day and had it fixed, so you’ll see that look in next week’s photo.  MUCH better, if I do say so myself.  As for the bangs, loyal readers will remember them since I tend to grow them out then cut them again, over and over.  Most people think I look more like “me” with the bangs, I’m likely to agree although I’m not sure if I look too young with them.  I had my hair in a ponytail the other day when I went out with Henri, and between the jeans, bangs and blue streak I’m sure the people I saw wondered what kind of sitter this poor kid’s mom left him with!


This might not be chronologically accurate, but sometime in the last few weeks I finished the first Toasted Almond Toe-Up sock (TATU sock).  These are my “keep in my purse for found knitting time” socks, the ones I was complaining about not finding the repeat on.  I finally found it!  Do you see it?


If you look near the toe of the sock you can see two blue stripes with cream and brown in between.  You can see that same pattern at the heel, and then again for the cuff.  That means everything from end of the toe increases to the beginning of the heel is ONE REPEAT of the colorway.  Can you believe it?  I’ve never seen a repeat this long before! 

I tried to find the matching repeat for the other ball for the other sock, but I have a feeling the sock might have been wound inside out, as I found a similar blue-cream-blue section, but the following colors didn’t quite match up.  I did the best I could to mark a starting point that was similar, and now I’m just going to let the yarn do its thing.  I haven’t cast on yet but it still lives in my purse waiting for the next long wait at the doctor or somewhere.


I’ll leave you with this last photo of Jakob because I couldn’t resist posting it.  I love this kid!  I can’t believe he will be 2 next month!!  He’s accomplished so much in the last few weeks- no more bottles (although he still gets 2 fingers of milk in a sippy cup before bed), he can officially jump, and he’s developped a HUGE appetite for books.  I have to put him down for a nap with a book so he can wake up and start “reading” it.  I’ve even caught him “reading” to Henri!  Oh, and today (not part of weeks 13 or 14, but whatever…) he rode a real tricycle for the first time and pedalled forwards by himself!  Yay Jakob!


9, 10 and 11 weeks

Today Henri turns 12 weeks old.  I’ve only caught up until his 8th week…and I can’t remember how I used to do it with Jakob.  I think it was easier because I had the computer in our spare bedroom at the time, so I’d lie him down (when he was still a non-rolling infant) on the bed next to me and do my computer/blog stuff, and if he fussed I could play with him then get back to my own stuff.  Whereas now my computer is downstairs in the basement, and there is no where in my office for Henri to play, so I tend to only run down and check my emails quickly when he’s napping.  I should really bring a bouncer chair down here and solve my problem that easily…

In any case, I’m trying to bulk catch up here so hopefully as of tomorrow I can start posting in real-time.  Plus I have 2 finished objects and 2 wips to share!


 Mommy with Henri at 9 weeks old.

In Henri’s 9th week I took some “me” time and went out a whole 2(!) times in one week.  I took my mom to see a show at a local performance center with some of the moms from Jakob’s old playgroup, then later that week I went out for a late dinner with some other friends.  It was nice to get out but not so much fun to get home to a hysterical Henri and an exhausted Yannick.  To Yannick’s credit, he didn’t lose his cool and even listened to me and didn’t give Henri a bottle within 30 minutes of my expected return time so that I could give him a proper feed when I got home (hence the hysteria).


 Truth in advertising?

His 9th week also brought some further feeding hardships.  Now that he was finally feeding well(ish) he began refusing to feed on one side.  Not an outright refusal (which could cause other worries) but he would go purple and rigid and scream his head off.  The only way to get him to even do 2 minutes would be to rock and jiggle and shush him the entire time before I would give up.

Probably related to the fact that he wants to eat all the time, he had quite a big jump in percentiles when measured at the doctor’s office for his second month appointment.  Henri had been in the 50th percentile for height and weight at his 2 week checkup, and now that he was 2 months old he was in the 75th-to-90th percentile.  At 2 months Jakob had been 22″ long and 11 lbs.  At 2 months Henri is 23″ long and 13 lbs 6 oz.  According to his pediatrician, Henri’s voracious appetite and growth spurt will last another 2 months and will then even out.  I hope so!  No one can believe that Henri really is as young as he is, because he looks like he’s over 3 months old already.


Finally, his 9th week also brought a new knitting project.  I am still working on Kayla’s cardigan but it is a lace pattern and not very easy to pick up/put down at the whims of a crying child.  I needed a plain stockinette stitch pattern that I could carry around for quick knitting opportunities.  As luck would have it, my mom had just given me some Red Heart sock yarn.  I know!  It’s actually the same makeup as Regia and the like, so it actually has wool content, and it even has aloe in it.  It’s amusingly called “Heart & Sole” and it quite nice to work with.  The colorway I have is called Toasted Almond and I decided to cast on for a carry-around plain sock.  See all that yarn unravelled above?  The small balls as well as the amounts rewound around the balls?  I had pulled ALL of that from each ball, and had yet to find a place where both balls (with matching dyelots and all) matched up.  It’s possible one ball was wound inside out, but after that much work I decided to be ok with fraternal socks instead of identical.  I cast on for a toe-up pair and have been carrying them around in my diaper bag for random knitting moments that come up (like when someone else drives- nice!).


 Mommy with Henri at 10 weeks old.

In Henri’s 10th week the feeding issues didn’t get any better.  He would go absolutely ballistic when I would even lie him down to feed on that one particular side.  I kept persisiting though, because I wasn’t willing to get into a routine of pumping one side for the next many months or however long.  Even letting the milk dry up on one side and only feeding on the other would be a last resort.

In the 10th week we hosted Henri’s playgroup at our house, and had fun with all of our new friends over.  We had the best nights’ sleep since Henri’s birth, as we had 3 nights with over 7 straight hours of sleep.  Henri’s smile began coming much more frequently, and all-in-all, everything (except the feeding) seemed easier. 


 We went to one of Jakob’s friend’s birthday parties at a local kids’ play center.  I love this photo of my boys together!

Yannick would lift Jakob up to the top of the slide and let him fly down on his own.  He would laugh and want “more, peas!’ and it was the cutest thing ever.


 Finally, we have last week.


 Mommy with Jakob at 22 months and Henri at 11 weeks old.

In the 11th week we had some ups and some downs.  After sticking to it and repeatedly giving Henri the side he would try to avoid, he finally started taking it again.  Not every feed, and not always well, but most often he would take it and drink as normal, at least for 5 minutes.  Considering my boys do a typical feed of gulping non-stop for 5-10 minutes on each side, 5 minutes of leisurely drinking was a godsend after the screaming jags of the last 2 weeks.   That’s the ups.  The downs are that his sleeping has decreased.  All week he would only do a 3-4 hour night before starting his 2 hour cycles.  If I were really lucky then he would sleep for 4 hours, feed, and then do another 3 hour sleep before starting his every-2 hour-days.


As a thank-you for some help with his car, my brother and his girlfriend took Yannick and I to the movies.  Thankfully Henri slept the whole time we were out, and we had a nice night.  We saw I Love You, Man and it was quite funny.  Paul Rudd is adorable and we had some good laughs. 

We also took Henri to the movies again and he was an angel and slept through Duplicity with Maaike, her son, Robyn, her son, my mom and my aunt. 


I leave you now with this photo and a dare to not smile.  🙂


two months

By two months, your baby…

…should be able to:

-smile in response to your smile CHECK

-respond to a bell in some way, such as startling, crying, quieting DIDN’T CHECK

…will probably be able to:

lift head 45 degrees when on stomach CHECK

-vocalize in ways other than crying (e.g. cooing) CHECK


…may even be able to:

-hold head steady when upright TEMPORARILY

-on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms HE DID, BUT ONLY ONCE

-roll over (one way) NO

-grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers CHECK – he grabbed the leg of a toy dangling from his bouncer chair and after accidentally letting go, he grabbed it again

-pay attention to an object as small as a raisin NOT SURE

-reach for an object CHECK – occassionally

-say “Ah-goo” or similar vowel-consonant combination CHECK – all the time!  If he’s in a good mood, and awake and alert, then he’s “talking”


…may possibly be able to:

-smile spontaneously CHECK – oh yeah- he smiles at and laughs with his toys and flirts with people

-bring both hands together CHECK

-on stomach, lift head 90 degrees I THINK SO

-laugh out loud CHECK – and it’s adorable!!!

-squeal in delight CHECK – (see above)

-follow an object held about 6 inches above the baby’s face and moved 180 degrees (from one side to the other), with baby watching all the way I THINK SO


Henri’s second month was a million times better than his first.  By the time he was 2 months old we were off the nipple shield and breastfeeding (quasi)properly, which gave us a chance to work on our rapport without all the strain of the feeding issues.  The sleep stuff has gotten better too, and we both wake up rested and happy in the morning.  (Ok, I lied.  He wakes up happy, and rested.  I just wake up…but when he’s happy and smiling at me…I can’t help but be happy too.  And since he’s happy and willing to hang out in his crib and talk to his toys, then I get to spend a few more minutes in bed…which helps me towards rested).

Two months was enough time for Henri’s personality to start to come through.  He’s a real little character- when he’s grumpy he’s grumpy but when he’s happy- oh, you’ve never seen grins like these.  He could melt the Ice Queen’s heart with his smile.  And every day with him and Jakob together is a day I wish I could freeze in time.  When we first had Jakob, I told friends that my favorite part about having a child was watching my husband’s interactions with him.  Well, the best part of having 2 children is watching them interact together.*  I am amazed at the tenderness that Jakob is capable of at such a young age, and I can already see Henri developing an attachment to his big brother.  I can’t wait to see more of them, and watch them grow and play.


*For now.  I reserve the right to amend this statement when they are older and fighting non-stop!


7 and 8 weeks

The 7th and 8th weeks were the most recent, and yet ask me what has happened and I think I’ll give you a blank stare.  I know that we went knitting at Ariadne a few times and joined a playgroup.



Mommy with Henri at 7 weeks old.

We started getting into a routine (not the same thing as a schedule, but just as handy) and I started to learn some of Henri’s little habits.  His big grins are a riot, and when he laughs- it’s infectious.


Mommy with Henri at 8 weeks old.

I’m sure we did other stuff, but I’m drawing a blank.  I know I got a little bit of knitting done, and managed to finish 2 projects that have been outstanding for a little while.  Some days I’m lucky enough to get a 30 minute chunk of knitting time, other days turn into a week and I realize I’ve done nothing.  I don’t tend to do much for myself (knit, eat, shower, etc) during the day because Henri still prefers to be held, and will wake up earlier if I put him down.  But he’s starting to have a great bedtime routine, and I can say with some assurance (here I go jinxing myself) that when I put him to bed around 10:30/11pm, he will sleep until anywhere between 4 and 6 am, do 1 feed, then go back to bed until somewhere around 8.  Knowing I’ll probably get a few hours of sleep lets me take a few rare moments of alone time once he’s in bed, and I’ll snuggle myself in bed with my iPod and some knitting, and if it isn’t too late then I’ll try to get a row in while Yannick takes care of his own end-of-day stuff. 

(I say this, and of course the last few nights I used that time between Henri’s bed time and my own to eat supper, clean up, or go to bed early.  But at least the option is there).

I think I’m almost caught up.  It will be nice to start posting somewhat “live” again.  That is- if I can have my hands free to type!


5 and 6 weeks

I’m still going from memory here…but here goes.

Henri’s 5th week brought him to his first movie.  He was great and slept right through He’s Just Not That Into You, which I appreciated.  We tried him a few nights in his crib, but it was too hard for me to keep getting up every 15 minutes to soothe him, and to only have him fall asleep just in time for him to wake up hungry…so we decided to keep him in our bed to make things easier.

The best part about week 5 was that I got off the nipple shield!  It took a LOT of patience and tries, but after a few days of using it here-and-there, I was able to get him to take it at almost every feed, and a few days after that we were done completely.  Don’t get me wrong- feeding wasn’t suddenly a breeze.  But it was SO MUCH better.


It was in his 6th week that we started going out more and feeling more human.  It’s amazing what a shower and a trip out of the house can do to you!  I saw my doctor and got the all-clear to start driving again, as well as lifting Jakob, which was a huge relief!  I actually left Henri with my mom that very night so I could drive over to pick Jakob up from daycare and surprise him.  It felt so good to be a parent to my child again!

Henri saw his second movie that week too- Confessions of a Shopaholic.  He slept the whole time again, which rocked.


6 weeks also brought around the first level of change where everything starts feeling easier.  Not as magical as I know the 3-month mark will be, but compared to the first 3 weeks…wow.  Suddenly, around 6 weeks, everything seems possible.