7 and 8 weeks


The 7th and 8th weeks were the most recent, and yet ask me what has happened and I think I’ll give you a blank stare.  I know that we went knitting at Ariadne a few times and joined a playgroup.



Mommy with Henri at 7 weeks old.

We started getting into a routine (not the same thing as a schedule, but just as handy) and I started to learn some of Henri’s little habits.  His big grins are a riot, and when he laughs- it’s infectious.


Mommy with Henri at 8 weeks old.

I’m sure we did other stuff, but I’m drawing a blank.  I know I got a little bit of knitting done, and managed to finish 2 projects that have been outstanding for a little while.  Some days I’m lucky enough to get a 30 minute chunk of knitting time, other days turn into a week and I realize I’ve done nothing.  I don’t tend to do much for myself (knit, eat, shower, etc) during the day because Henri still prefers to be held, and will wake up earlier if I put him down.  But he’s starting to have a great bedtime routine, and I can say with some assurance (here I go jinxing myself) that when I put him to bed around 10:30/11pm, he will sleep until anywhere between 4 and 6 am, do 1 feed, then go back to bed until somewhere around 8.  Knowing I’ll probably get a few hours of sleep lets me take a few rare moments of alone time once he’s in bed, and I’ll snuggle myself in bed with my iPod and some knitting, and if it isn’t too late then I’ll try to get a row in while Yannick takes care of his own end-of-day stuff. 

(I say this, and of course the last few nights I used that time between Henri’s bed time and my own to eat supper, clean up, or go to bed early.  But at least the option is there).

I think I’m almost caught up.  It will be nice to start posting somewhat “live” again.  That is- if I can have my hands free to type!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “7 and 8 weeks

  1. Look at that snuggle-face! So cute 🙂


  2. What great photos. Henri is so cute! The sleeping one reminds me of when RJ was a newborn and I would stare at her perfect chubby cheeks while she slept. It always made my heart melt.


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