what happened today


No photos because I forgot the camera somewhere upstairs and I’m spending a few moments hiding out here in the cool, dark basement.  Can someone send me some tea?

The Log Cabin blanket was seamed and in the end I decided not to line it or put a crochet border.  I hope Robyn and Amy agreed with my decision!  I realized that it might look silly having an outline around the blanket when we’d chosen such a striking geometric pattern.  Also, any border or lining would restrict the blanket from stretching, whereas the nature of the garter stitch IS to stretch.  The blanket, unstretched but patted lightly into place on my bed, measures 50″ across and up/down.  But because of the weight and stitch, when I hold it up to my nose, it sags almost to the floor.  The stretchiness allows it to snug up all around you, easily covering one person vegging on a couch, and probably most of 2 people.  All in all, perfect for a throw, I think.  I’ll upload photos tomorrow, hopefully.

We had the bridal shower yesterday and we gave Caryn the blanket, and I think she really liked it.  It’s hard to tell when giving people unexpected handmade items, but I hope that she will enjoy cuddling up under it with her fiancé (and later, her husband).  I sent Jakob to work with Yannick for the day and had Henri with me at the shower.  He was the lone guy there, but I was breastfeeding so I couldn’t leave him home.  (The little snob refuses bottles.  I forgot to keep giving him one a day once the bfeeding got easier, and am paying for it now.  I’m hoping if I make an effort to give him one a day that he’ll eventually take them again.  I don’t even care if it is formula or bmilk in the bottle, as long as he drinks from it).  We had a really good time, and Henri was super well-behaved and I was really proud of him.  He was all smiles and only cried once when he was hungry.  He even took 2 naps in my arms, in the middle of the crowded room during games and gift opening.  (He even stayed asleep when I almost dropped a crystal candy jar on his head and instead spilled the strawberry-flavored Malt candies that people were trying to count all over the floor).  Did that last phrase make sense?  I’m too tired to go back and add commas.

So what happened today?  Well, as usual on Sundays, Jakob and Yannick went to Jakob’s swimming class.  Only a few weeks left and he’s done for this session.  Next session will start his colors!  I’m so excited!  (Yannick is too- he can finally stop getting in the freezing pool).

Also today our friends Julie & Rich and their almost 18-month old daughter came in from Ottawa and hung out for lunch and a bit.  It was great letting the kids play together, although at this age they more play “side by side” as opposed to playing “together”.  Still, they were cute and even kissed a few times!  Does this make Kayla his first girlfriend?  Can I put “first kiss” in his baby book?  I wish I could say this is the farthest he’s gone with a girl, but at the wee young age of 6 months he was lying next to a little girl in his playgroup and reached up her skirt.  Daddy’s boy… LOL.

Also today [ let me just interrupt myself here.  When was Henri born?  On Jan 8th.  He’s not 4 months old yet, right?  Nope, he’ll only turn 4 months on May 8th, almost a week away.  Ok, so he’s still technically 3 months old?  Yeah, technically.]

Where was I?  Oh yeah- today my 3-month-old cut his first tooth.

My 3 month old has a tooth, people!!!!!

Cut.  Out.  Completely through the gums.  Lower right center tooth, but the left one is very swollen and ready to go any day now too.  I only saw the “pockets” swell up for the first time last week and now…he’s got a tooth.

Between his size, the way he tries to roll over ALL THE TIME and has managed to flip onto his stomach at least once while awake and at least 3 times while sleeping, and now the tooth…a part of me wonders if I could somehow have been pregnant 2 months longer than I’d thought.  Could he really be closer to 6 months old?  I’m not actually serious here, I know I measured “dead on” for each month of gestation as I passed it, and I know when I had my last period, and I know I gave birth at 39 weeks, NOT some magical 47-week-long pregnancy.  But still, I can’t help but wonder…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “what happened today

  1. My oldest got his first tooth/teeth right as he turned 4 months old. They then came continuously until he turned one. He did lose his first teeth a little early too, but then again, it evened out. My girls were much more ‘normal’ LOL. Enjoy the toothy grins 🙂


  2. Wow, a tooth! Gosh, and to think Kate’s Liam only cut his first tooth at, what… 15 months? That’s funny. I hope it doesn’t impact the bfeeding! Ouch!


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