maya lacey’s invisible baby set

Hmm…I can’t seem to find the photos for this project.  I’ll have to keep looking.  In the meantime, in the interest of posterity…

This was another matching set of sweater and bunny.  I wanted to make a warmer sweater because the baby was due in December, so I used some Decor from my stash.  I wanted to make the sweater in Aran, but realized after a bit that I wouldn’t have enough.  So I decided to stripe it Fibonacci-style with the Pale Country Pink (of which I have a ton).  It soon turned out that I didn’t have enough even for that, and had to pull out some Winter White- which in real life looks really similar to Aran.  In fact, by separating them with the pink stripes, I don’t think anyone would ever know I used two different colors.

Pattern:  Child’s Placket Neck Pullover (Ravelry link)

Size:  0-6m

Yarn:  scraps of Patons Decor in Aran #1602, Winter White #01614 and Pale Country Pink #1645

Needles: 4.5 mm

Notions: none

Dates:  September 8 – 21 2009

Modifications:  added my usual 2 or so inches to the body, because I find it is much too short otherwise.

The bunny was also striped with the Fibonacci sequence of colors, but I didn’t end up using any Aran ‘cus I’d finished it in the sweater.

Pattern:  Bunny (Ravelry link)

Size:  Mama (medium)

Yarn:  Patons Decor in Winter White #01614 and Pale Country Pink #1645

Needles: 4.5 mm

Notions: stuffing

Dates:  September 21 – ? 2009

Modifications:  none

As usual you can find my finished (and unfinished!) projects in my “projects” page by clicking the tab up at the top of every page on my blog, and I also have this project in my Ravelry notebook (sans photos) here (sweater) and here (bunny).


Baby Enabler’s Baby Set

Last year the lovely Kate-the-Enabler had an equally lovely daughter (I imagine, though I haven’t met the wee one myself).  I always look forwards to the chance to knit with girlie colors, and made her this little set to welcome her new baby.


Pattern:  Child’s Placket Neck Pullover (Ravelry link)

Size:  0-6m

Yarn:  about 2/3 ball Dyed in the Wool Handmade Fingering Sock Mediumweight, 100% Superwash merino, 115g/4oz, 345m/378y, color Heartache

Needles: 4.5 mm

Notions: none

Dates:  August 19 – 28 2009

Modifications:  added my usual 2 or so inches to the body, because I find it is much too short otherwise.


Pattern:  Bunny (Ravelry link)

Size:  large

Yarn:  about 1/3 ball Dyed in the Wool Handmade Fingering Sock Mediumweight, 100% Superwash merino, 115g/4oz, 345m/378y, color Heartache


Needles: 2.5 mm

Notions: stuffing

Dates:  August 30 – September 3 2009

Modifications:  none

As usual you can find my finished (and unfinished!) projects in my “projects” page by clicking the tab up at the top of every page on my blog, and I also have this project in my Ravelry notebook here (sweater) and here (bunny).


no tapestry needle? no problem!



The above is a video I made quite a while ago.  Some of you will recognize the project in my hands – it’s Kate Gilbert’s Papa Bunny that I had made to send to a friend’s daughter in 2008.

This video shows what to do when a pattern asks for a common technique – but you don’t have the right equipment with you.  The last row of the directions said to “thread the live sts onto the working yarn with a tapestry needle and pull tight to gather”.  The only problem was that I didn’t have a tapestry needle with me.  I didn’t like the idea of pulling the stitches open with my fingers so I could get the yarn through easily, as it would distort them.  I came up with this idea instead.  It might be familiar to some of you, or it might be new to you.  Either way, it helped me and I hope it helps you too!  If you’d prefer a photo tutorial (vs the video above) let me know in the comments and I’ll make it happen. 🙂



Last night the Montreal Knitting Guild was treated to an appearance by Molly Ann and Mary, the lovely ladies from Ariadne, here in Montreal.  They brought yarn to fondle, and they were gracious enough to give each guild member a loot bag with some samples inside.

 Let’s get in a little closer, shall we?

8 luscious little mini-skeins of yarn!

Frog Tree – Pima Silk (85% Pima Cotton/15% silk, 50g/140m each)

Lorna’s Laces – Swirl DK (85% Merino/15% Silk, 50g/137m each)

Estelle – Young Touch (100% Cotton, 50g/100m each)

Jo Sharp – Silkroad Aran Tweed (85% Wool/10% Silk/5% Cashmere, 50g/95m each)

Butterfly – Cotton (100% Mercerized Cotton, 125g/230m each)

Lang – Silk Dream (50% Merino/50% Silk, 133g/313y each)

Cherry Tree Hill – Cascade Fingering (100% Silk, 150g/608m each)

There were 2 of this one in my bag…not sure if everyone else got only 7 mini-skeins and I got an extra one, or if everyone else got 8 and I received a duplicate by mistake so I’m missing one.

One of the cool things about Ariadne is that they carry a lot of the yarns you hear/read about online but don’t often find in our usual LYSs.  Cherry Tree Hill, Koigu, Lamb’s Pride, Reynolds, Classic Elite, Jo Sharp, Frog Tree and Lorna’s Laces, just to name a few!

Not only that, but since Mary is one of the founders of Twist Collective, another fellow Montrealer, Kate Gilbert, came by to talk about the online magazine, and to give us a trunk show!  We got to see, first-hand and up close, most (all?) of the wonderful clothes from the TC Fall issue, and even get a little sneak peek at some of the items in the Winter issue.  It’s going to be a great issue, let me tell you!

They even did a little cross promotion, and in our Ariadne goodie bags we were given TC tape measures and a little booklet with advice on substituting yarns Ariadne carries for the yarns required in the Fall TC issue.

It was a fun night, and I even got some knitting done on Jakob’s costume.


fo: clapotis

Holy cow I’m on a roll!

I took advantage of some free time between Thursday and Friday nights to finish up another long-lingering unfinished object.  I doubt I’ll get all my ufos completed before the end of the year, but even having some of them done, off my slate and project Ziplocks put away makes me feel great!

Pattern: the ever-popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.  I had previously knit an oversized Clapotis shawl for a young family friend with leukemia, and had always wanted a scarf version for myself.

Needles: 5mm

Yarn: James C. Brett’s Marble, in the Berries colorway.  1.75 balls.  I still really like the colors, although if I would be casting on for this project today instead of 2.5 years ago, I wouldn’t be choosing an 100% acrylic yarn for a scarf for myself.

Dates: March 20 2006 – October 10 2008, due only to my own laziness.

My Ravelry project is linked here, as well as on the page of 2008 finished objects, in the “projects” tab, above.

Up next: I need to work up a slightly different swatch to photograph for my sock club kit pattern, then I just might try to squeeze in a Hallowe’en costume for Jakob this year.


the one that should have been posted friday march 14


I tried to knit just one…but you know how they multiply! 🙂

I have an old friend from high school who moved away a few years ago and got married. She came into town recently with her 2 and a half year old daughter, and I had a chance to catch up with her for the first time since she’d moved. I brought Jakob with me and was pleasantly surprised when my friend presented Jakob with a gift. I also felt bad, because I was empty-handed. I emailed her that afternoon to ask what her daughter’s 3 favorite colors were, and I cast on for the bunnies as soon as I heard back with a reply. (It was pink, purple and blue…I think those are the obligatory favorite colors for all girls under the age of 8).

I used Kate’s Bunny pattern, and a 4.5mm needle. (Or a 4mm. Shoot. My notes are downstairs. If anyone really cares, email me and I’ll check). The first one was knit with purple Fun Fur only, and while it was fast and easy to knit, I HATED the seaming. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I enjoy seaming, and my preferred method is to mattress stitch. With this fuzzy yarn mattress stitch is not an option (at least not without some really good light and a magnifying glass), so I had to seam with a whipstitch on the wrong side of the work. It came out ok, but I didn’t want to have to do that again. This wasn’t Kate’s fault, it was mine for forgetting that I hate to seam with Fun Fur.

I also wanted a bigger bunny. The pattern comes in 3 sizes (Baby, Mama and Papa), and the purple one was knit to the Mama size. I didn’t want the Baby bunny to be any smaller than the Mama already was, so I went stash-diving and came up with some white Bernat baby yarn.

This blue bunny was knit to the Papa sized pattern. Same needle size as the purple one, but this time I did 2 rows of the smooth white yarn only, and 2 rows of the white with blue Fun Fur carried along. I wound up with a bunny that was much bigger than the first one (which was what I wanted) and also with a bunny that allowed me to see the stitches so I could work a mattress stitch seam (which was really what I wanted). The nature of knitting fur-type yarns has most of the fur wind up lying on the purl side of the work, which was the wrong side for this pattern. I had the option of turning it inside out before seaming, but I liked the less-fuzz/more-stripes look of the right side.


The pink bunny was knit exactly as the blue one, but with (duh) pink Fun Fur carried along. She is also knit to the Papa bunny size.

I was going to give them eyes but I didn’t feel like embroidering them, I don’t know where my sew-on googley eyes are, and sewn-on buttons made the bunnies look dead. So they will remain eyeless.

I tried to get something in the photo that would show scale, but I couldn’t figure out what I owned that would be standard everywhere. (Now that I’m typing this, I am coming up with a ton of items I could have used. Ah well. Hindsight/20/20 and all that). Here you have the Bunny Family with Yannick’s sunglasses.

And yes, it was done deliberately that a blue Papa and pink Mama make a purple Baby. ;]



…the swatches! I am so happy with how the yarn turned out! I think I’ve been over using the word “love” lately (I love the yarn, in love with certain patterns, love the way things come out) so I don’t want to sit here and say there’s yet another thing I love. I might have overstated my affection for some other projects. There might be projects that I merely like, projects I wouldn’t mind seeing again, and projects I think I might have a future with. But this yarn? This yarn I really do love!

I did the swatches with a 2.5mm needle (my usual for socks) and on 64 sts, which, depending on the pattern, is roughly my size.
Here’s the Black Cherry. This photo shows a pretty good variation of color, but is lacking the deep tones of wine that permeate every strand, even the deep blacks. This will be stunning with either an open lace or a cable pattern. Yannick would like to claim it for himself but it is mine! This is one side of my Oxford swatch. I took a photo of each side to show you how the yarn will behave on a larger swatch (or a sock). You see how the black-striped section starts at the lower left and moves up on a diagonal to the top right? And how the colored section with no black seems to do the same?
Here’s the other side of the same swatch. # 1 had one dark section in the middle. # 2 has 2 dark sections, one on top and one below, with a lighter middle. What I’m trying to show here is that the two areas of color will spiral around each other, and around the sock.
Look at this! It worked! I can’t believe it worked! I made a self-striping yarn! There is so much I enjoy about this one, especially the palest row of green right above the darkest one. Something about the way one looks near the other really tickles me. If I was to do this again I would only change the concentration of dye to water to try and get another shade in there, as I feel 2 of the rows look the same. It might be related to where I cast on from and how the yarn is wrapping around itself, though.

I have been knitting Bunnies for the last week. The pattern is great, but I’m knitting in Fun Fur which is such a pain! I knit the first one only in the Fun Fur stuff, but seaming it was NOT fun, so I knit the second with the FF held along with a strand of white dk weight acrylic. It made the FF somewhat more bearable.

I’m knitting the Bunnies as a gift for a friend’s 2.5 year old daughter, who brought a gift for Jakob when we introduced them, and I unfortunately showed up empty handed. I found out her favorite colours are pink, purple and blue (is there any 2.5 year old girl who doesn’t have those as her favorite colours?) so I’m knitting a pink mommy bunny, a blue daddy bunny, and a purple baby bunny. As of tonight only the pink is left to knit. Photos tomorrow after the Guild meeting.