fo: clapotis

Holy cow I’m on a roll!

I took advantage of some free time between Thursday and Friday nights to finish up another long-lingering unfinished object.  I doubt I’ll get all my ufos completed before the end of the year, but even having some of them done, off my slate and project Ziplocks put away makes me feel great!

Pattern: the ever-popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.  I had previously knit an oversized Clapotis shawl for a young family friend with leukemia, and had always wanted a scarf version for myself.

Needles: 5mm

Yarn: James C. Brett’s Marble, in the Berries colorway.  1.75 balls.  I still really like the colors, although if I would be casting on for this project today instead of 2.5 years ago, I wouldn’t be choosing an 100% acrylic yarn for a scarf for myself.

Dates: March 20 2006 – October 10 2008, due only to my own laziness.

My Ravelry project is linked here, as well as on the page of 2008 finished objects, in the “projects” tab, above.

Up next: I need to work up a slightly different swatch to photograph for my sock club kit pattern, then I just might try to squeeze in a Hallowe’en costume for Jakob this year.