Hockey Goalie cake

Coming off the Montreal Canadiens’ win last night, I figured the timing was good to post another cake I’d never posted at the time.  The closest I’ve come to HABs cakes have been the 2 hockey goalie cakes I made for my cousin’s son Sean’s last two birthdays, and this is the first one, from back in January 2014.

2014-01-11 hockey goalie cake title


This cake started, like a lot of them do, with a fondant topper.  I sketched up the design using clip art, coloring books and player images (for the uniform details) and worked up an image I liked.  Then I traced the outside edge onto some ivory fondant with a knife, cutting away the excess.

2014-01-09 hockey goalie cake plaque step 1

I don’t have better pics of the next step, but it’s one of the methods I use when transferring images.  Sometimes I use push pins to poke holes where my lines need to go, in this case I needed a more accurate, detailed transfer.  First I held my image up to a window and traced it on the back of the paper, so I had a reverse copy.  Then, using black gel icing and a toothpick, I lightly traced over those lines.  When I was done I carefully turned the image right-side up, and set it down carefully onto my fondant, basically using the original sketch as a stamp, and stamped the gel-drawn image onto the fondant.

2014-01-09 hockey goalie cake plaque step 2

That left me with a pretty good outline of what I wanted to paint.  Next was to start painting.  I also didn’t take many progress shots back then, but you can see how I worked upwards.  First I did a base layer of the different colors, then a second layer to create the shaping/dimensions.  For example: the red outline of the goal has only one layer (it looks lighter and flatter) but the uniform/helmet already had 2 coats.2014-01-09 hockey goalie cake plaque step 3

The finished plaque.  I’ve added a second coat to all areas and worked the outlines with an edible ink marker.  Once the whole thing had dried for a day, I added the “CH” logo.  All the painting was done with a small paintbrush and a toothpick.

2014-01-10 hockey goalie cake plaque final

The finished cake.  A simple layer of vanilla icing (over a chocolate 2-layer 9×11 cake), trimmed with blue and red Smarties, and the birthday boy’s name.  I lightly dabbed the plaque with a bit of water on a Q-Tip to moisten the 4 corners, so it would stick well, as the icing had already crusted over.  I didn’t want to attach it while the icing was still damp because I was afraid the colors along the edges would bleed into the cake, so I made sure it was really, really dry first.

2014-01-11 hockey goalie cake 01

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much better now

I’m so much happier with this!

I didn’t change anything in the chart except to add more rows above and below the text, to give the dishcloth (or at this size, towel, really) a finished shape of a square. It should be done in a day and then I’ll knit up the medium size, photograph the new samples and update the pattern.

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HABS get a revisit

Revisiting an old pattern tonight. I’ve wanted for a while to finally update this pattern with pics of the other 2 sizes, so I decided “Why not?”. Knitting along to The Sing Off…though I had to stop casting on during the Remix to Ignition, cus that was all kinds of funny/awesome.

UPDATE: I’ve finished the lower red section of the largest size, and either my gauge is off from when I originally designed it, or I had made a miscalculation somewhere. Either way, it’s coming out rectangular rather than square, as I’d intended. So I’m going to take the next few days and completely revamp the design so it matches how it looks in my head.

If you’ve already purchased the pattern I’ll be sending out an updated version, with the changes to the medium and large charts. (The small size remains the same).

If this post enticed you to buy the pattern, maybe hold off a few days for v.2. (Or buy it now and wait for the update).

Sorry to anyone this may have inconvenienced, and I will have a newer, better, stronger, faster version out ASAP.