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much better now

I’m so much happier with this!

I didn’t change anything in the chart except to add more rows above and below the text, to give the dishcloth (or at this size, towel, really) a finished shape of a square. It should be done in a day and then I’ll knit up the medium size, photograph the new samples and update the pattern.

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HABS get a revisit

Revisiting an old pattern tonight. I’ve wanted for a while to finally update this pattern with pics of the other 2 sizes, so I decided “Why not?”. Knitting along to The Sing Off…though I had to stop casting on during the Remix to Ignition, cus that was all kinds of funny/awesome.

UPDATE: I’ve finished the lower red section of the largest size, and either my gauge is off from when I originally designed it, or I had made a miscalculation somewhere. Either way, it’s coming out rectangular rather than square, as I’d intended. So I’m going to take the next few days and completely revamp the design so it matches how it looks in my head.

If you’ve already purchased the pattern I’ll be sending out an updated version, with the changes to the medium and large charts. (The small size remains the same).

If this post enticed you to buy the pattern, maybe hold off a few days for v.2. (Or buy it now and wait for the update).

Sorry to anyone this may have inconvenienced, and I will have a newer, better, stronger, faster version out ASAP.