celery socks

Still the same.  Still coughing.  Yannick drove the boys in this morning, and my mom was nice enough to pick up the boys for me today so I didn’t have to go out and pick them up.  I spent the day in my pjs, slept a bit, and got some knitting done.

I finished the Celery socks!

So as I’d said previously, this is Knit Picks’ Bare sock yarn that I hand-dyed in self-striping shades of green.

I’d used most of it for my mom’s woven scarf (my first woven project) and these socks used up all but 1 yard of the leftovers.  (Yay for scales!)

My latest “usual” sock pattern- figure 8 cast on, toe up socks, short row heel, modified to have a patterned leg instead of just stockinette stitch.  No ribbing, about 5 garter ridges instead.


more of the same

Not much new to report today.  Still coughing, still spending daytime hours sleeping because I’m not getting very much of it done at night.

Jakob asked me to share this photo of him and Snoopy…it was an old McDonald’s toy that had stickers for the eyes but we lost them, so today he told me he was going to draw on eyes.  I don’t know why he used red, but we used washable markers so now he can change Snoopy’s look whenever he wants.

Thank goodness I’ve got well-behaved kids, who are especially observant when someone isn’t well, and are really sweet and considerate.  They know I haven’t been feeling well and have been really good about playing quietly in the small amount of time between supper and bed.  Tonight they ignored the tv in favor of reading books.

I know these pics aren’t anything extraordinary, but there’s just something about cute kids in turtlenecks and jeans that gets me- it’s like they’re 2 little beatniks or something.

I got a bit more knitting done today.  Since the socks won’t actually be finished in February, at least I know that I should be finishing the socks tomorrow.  A day or two into March isn’t bad, and that’s my first pair of socks of the year, done.  If I keep up this KAL I should at least end up with 6 pairs of socks knit this year.


back in time

I spent today living in the future.  No really- my watch didn’t recognize that it was a leap day, so all day long I’d refer to it and it said “March 1st”.  I sent a happy birthday email a day early, bugged Yannick to work on some school stuff with an imminent deadline…all stuff based on the wrong date.  Oy.

As you can see I only got a few more sock rows done.  If it came down to a trade-off of “take inhaler” vs “knit”, breathing comfortably (or as much as possible) won, hands-down.  I’m dying to lie down but every time I even incline slightly it triggers a mad cough attack, so I’m still sleeping mostly sitting up, and trying to not even lean back in the couch.



This is what I’ve knit today.  During my wait for my doctor’s appointment, I was able to cast on and complete the short-row toe for my 2nd Celery sock.  I was also able to work a few rows of the sock foot, before getting restless and lightheaded from coughing, and switching to a magazine.  I then had time to read 3(!) magazines.  Why?  Because my doctor was running THREE(!!!) hours late.  My appointment was at 11am, and I was finally out of there about 2:30.  Ugh.

He says I have tracheitis, kinda like bronchitis but in the windpipe.  I remember having this a ton when I was at my old job about 8-9 years ago, I’d get coughing fits that wouldn’t ever end…but I don’t remember feeling “sick” with it too.  In any case, unlike the bad bacterial kinds I read about online, he says mine is viral.  There’s not much else to do other than wait it out, but I can take hycodan syrup for the cough, and use a bronchohaler (sp?) inhaler to help me breathe, ‘cus the problem I’m having now is that when I start coughing I can’t stop for a few minutes, and in between coughs I can’t catch my breath to breathe in to give me the air to try and cough out to stop coughing.  (Does that make sense?)  The hycodan makes me very loopy, so I’m only going to take it before bed because during the day I need to be able to drive to pick up the kids from daycare.  The inhaler makes me feel like I just had 10 strong coffees all at once, I feel so jittery and amped that it’s like my arms are shaking and I can’t calm down to knit.  So because of that I didn’t get any knitting done once I got home, ‘cus I took the inhaler right away and it messed me up for the rest of the night.  Then I took the syrup and was both hyper and hazy…lalala wooo



I can’t take it any more- I called the doctor.  It’s time to go in, whatever I’ve got isn’t going away any time soon and I can’t take all this coughing.  My hernia(s) popped out today…though at least there’s good news there ‘cus it was no different from usual, so now I’m not paranoid any more about it hurting worse when it pops out…it must have just been something getting caught last time.  The bad news is that my doctor can’t see me until tomorrow morning, so I have to endure another day like this.  😦

Had some cuteness with the boys before they went to bed.  I’m trying to get my Jan/Feb socks done and was knitting while they were playing before bed, and they both wanted to play with my yarn ball.  I went down to my office and got them each their own little yarn ball (leftovers of Nordique from the guild’s swatching challenge) and took these pics of them.

They spent at least 15 minutes unrolling and re-rolling the yarn balls until it was bed time.  It was too cute!

This is where I’ve gotten to on the socks so far.  I just finished the first sock.  I got bored with the plain stockinette, and for the longest time I’ve wanted a feather & fan pair of socks, so I decided to wing it with these.  I did a 20-stitch repeat, and these are 60 st socks, so I only have 3 “waves” going around.  I’d like to rework it next time and have more waves so the socks come out more feminine…maybe on my next pair.  (The tie in the middle is marking the first row after working the heel, so I can count and make sure the 2nd sock has the same number of rows).


turned heel

While I did take down my loom, intending on weaving some more tonight, instead I remembered that my Jan/Feb socks…still pathetically on the first sock…were almost at the point to turn the heel.  Like only 8 or so rows away.  I decided to finish the foot and turn the heel so that I could put them back into my purse at the simple stockinette stitch part.  I can knit without looking and/or in the dark, but I’d rather not have to work a short row heel in the dark or in stops/starts.



Had another sleepless night ‘cus of Henri’s coughing.  Spent Valentine’s Day home cuddling with my baby, then went to guild and was the featured speaker, doing a talk on intarsia.  Eeek!  I think it went over well, no one seemed too lost by what I was saying, so hopefully I got some information out there.  During the rest of the meeting I wasn’t able to work on my main project because of having to pay attention, but I did get some mindless knitting done on my January/February sock.  I need about 30 more rows and then I can work the heel.


feeling tranquil

I got some knitting done in the doctor’s waiting room this morning.  He didn’t find anything unusual in the my belly so I still don’t know why it hurt so bad yesterday.  Because of the stress and worry of it, though, my heart rate and blood pressure was up so now I’m on tranquilizers until things calm down a bit.  It’s hard not to panic, I’m still scared that the hernia will pop out again…but it’s a relief to know there seems to be no immediate danger with anything.

For my commission knitting I got quite a lot done today because I stayed home the rest of the day, so I’m at the point today where I should only be on Sunday.  So that’s good.


january sock progress

Last night was fun!  It turned out we had a lot of mutual friends (as evidenced by our Facebook pages) that I’ve known since high school, and a few of them were at the party too.  I got to spend the night catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the “olden days”.  🙂  Then came home and crashed while Yannick went back in to work to organize everything from his busy day (he’d left it all to come home for the party).

Today the boys had swimming this morning, then I had to go in to work to take care of some stuff.  I got home in time to help give the boys supper, then was back out the door to go watch my friend Debbie’s mid-year dance show.  She takes…um…hip hop I think, and every year for the last 3 or so I go to her mid-year and year-end shows.  The dance school she’s in is run by a local guy who has since made it very big, with dancers and crews appearing on major TV shows, in celebrity music videos and he even choreographed a very well-known music video game.  I think it’s really cool ‘cus I’ve known him since before he started all this.  We were in a show together at Place des Arts years ago…I think it might have been his first choreographing gig, plus we both acted in it.  It’s really cool to see people you know “make it big”.

Since I’ve mastered the art of knitting without looking, I spent the whole dance show knitting on my sock.  Here’s the progress so far.  Yes, I’m supposed to knit a-sock-a-month…but I have a good excuse (more info tomorrow).  I’ll get to the socks eventually…I swear.

I’m really proud of the yarn, however.  This was the yarn that I dyed myself and tried very hard to make it self-striping in shades of green.  Mom’s scarf showed me it would stripe, but I’d designed it for the average width of a woman’s sock, and have been really eager to see how it would stripe in a pair of socks for me.  Making me really happy!


study study study

I try to be good when it comes to school work.  I make a study schedule for Yannick and myself, and in it I break down each section into daily pages, and as long as we read/make notes on those pages on that day, we’ll be on track.  Usually he falls behind, and I nag.  This time it’s my turn.  First I was so busy on Sunday that I didn’t have a chance to get my pages done.  Then Monday I was out all day and had such a headache that night that I told myself I’d catch up at work the next day.  I did get some done yesterday but not as much as I’d hope, and work was busy today too, which means tonight I can do nothing but study.  No knitting.  No visiting the forgotten loom.  Just notes, notes, notes.  Study, study, study.

I did cast-on for my first socks of the new year.  These were cast-on last week, en route to visit my 3rd surgeon for my 2nd second opinion, while my mom drove.  Long story short, since neither my surgeon nor the 2nd opinion surgeon could find the hernias that I swear are there (and I’d know, as I’ve already had 3 fixed), I visited a laparoscopic surgeon to see if she could help.  She also couldn’t find the hernias, and focused more on my pain and less on my claim of the physical symptom of the hernias popping out, but in the end she thought she could help, if to do nothing else but to rule out the hernias.  I’ll be having diagnostic laparoscopic surgery in May.  If she finds hernias, she’ll fix them as they’re found.  If no hernias are found, hopefully she’ll find whatever is causing the popping and the pain.

I was sore, dejected and feeling ignored after the appointment, so I didn’t knit on the way home.

Here’s the tiny amount of toe I did get done on the way there.  My January sock.