feeling tranquil


I got some knitting done in the doctor’s waiting room this morning.  He didn’t find anything unusual in the my belly so I still don’t know why it hurt so bad yesterday.  Because of the stress and worry of it, though, my heart rate and blood pressure was up so now I’m on tranquilizers until things calm down a bit.  It’s hard not to panic, I’m still scared that the hernia will pop out again…but it’s a relief to know there seems to be no immediate danger with anything.

For my commission knitting I got quite a lot done today because I stayed home the rest of the day, so I’m at the point today where I should only be on Sunday.  So that’s good.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “feeling tranquil

  1. Tranquilizers? Really?


  2. Don’t get too used to those tranqs. 😉 I love those greens of the sock. I don’t think your other photos really showed the color as well as this one.


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