plans for today

I have a bunch of photos to share of Mom’s scarf, but I’ve got a terrible migraine so instead of a long post with project details, here’s just a quick rundown of my plans for today, my day off.

I’d like to finish Yannick’s black & white socks. Last night I snuggled in bed with my knitting and laptop, and watched the latest episode of Supernatural. Now the socks look like this:

I’ve got about 20 more rows stockinette, then ribbing, and they’ll be done.

Maaike and I are doing A-Sock-A-Month for 2012. (6 pairs for the year). I want another easy-peasy pair to keep in my purse, so am going to cast-on with the leftovers from Mom’s scarf.

It’s the Knit Picks Bare that I dyed a few years ago. I did shades of green, hoping to make it self-striping. I can see from Mom’s scarf that it worked, but am really glad there’s enough left over for me, since I gave the scarf away. 🙂

Once I settled on the couch I didn’t want to get up until it was time to leave to go watch Henri’s class sing him happy birthday. So, being optimistic, I prepared my yarn beforehand.

First I weighed the leftovers.


60g left means I can use up to 30g per sock, plus more if I need from something contrasting. I pulled out the center of the cake until I had 30g remaining.

Then I wound the pulled-out part into a ball starting from the inside end so that the stripes would go in the same direction on both pairs, and weighed that ball to be sure they were even.

Finally, to be safe, I weighed one of my current socks that I’m wearing- a hand-knit, toe-up, shortie sock (1″ stockinette before 1″ of ribbing), and it only weighs 24g. So I know I’m safe to make a pair from my leftovers.