more of the same


Not much new to report today.  Still coughing, still spending daytime hours sleeping because I’m not getting very much of it done at night.

Jakob asked me to share this photo of him and Snoopy…it was an old McDonald’s toy that had stickers for the eyes but we lost them, so today he told me he was going to draw on eyes.  I don’t know why he used red, but we used washable markers so now he can change Snoopy’s look whenever he wants.

Thank goodness I’ve got well-behaved kids, who are especially observant when someone isn’t well, and are really sweet and considerate.  They know I haven’t been feeling well and have been really good about playing quietly in the small amount of time between supper and bed.  Tonight they ignored the tv in favor of reading books.

I know these pics aren’t anything extraordinary, but there’s just something about cute kids in turtlenecks and jeans that gets me- it’s like they’re 2 little beatniks or something.

I got a bit more knitting done today.  Since the socks won’t actually be finished in February, at least I know that I should be finishing the socks tomorrow.  A day or two into March isn’t bad, and that’s my first pair of socks of the year, done.  If I keep up this KAL I should at least end up with 6 pairs of socks knit this year.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “more of the same

  1. Cute! That is so sweet of them to be quiet 🙂


  2. Can you have them talk to my kids? LOL, I don’t think mine understand the meaning of the word “quiet.” 😉 Iva is wearing a pink turtleneck with jeans today, so she can be a beatnik too!


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