back in time


I spent today living in the future.  No really- my watch didn’t recognize that it was a leap day, so all day long I’d refer to it and it said “March 1st”.  I sent a happy birthday email a day early, bugged Yannick to work on some school stuff with an imminent deadline…all stuff based on the wrong date.  Oy.

As you can see I only got a few more sock rows done.  If it came down to a trade-off of “take inhaler” vs “knit”, breathing comfortably (or as much as possible) won, hands-down.  I’m dying to lie down but every time I even incline slightly it triggers a mad cough attack, so I’m still sleeping mostly sitting up, and trying to not even lean back in the couch.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “back in time

  1. Sorry, had to laugh that you didn’t realize it was Feb 29th! Not in a mean way though! Promise! 😉


  2. We got our lost day back, yay! We also have daylight savings time here, so now all the clocks are an hour behind (even though it’s been over a week). It makes it so hard to keep track of the time.


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