ow and wow


So I started a new project a few days ago, but I can’t show it to you. See my cousin had a new baby last week, and I was waiting to know the baby’s gender before making my gift. Now I know that they had a baby boy, but I also know that the baby’s mom sometimes reads my blog. I’m pretty sure she’s too busy right now to be reading, but just in case I’m going to hold off on a pic.

What I can show you, though, is the knitting-related injury this project has caused.


See the cut on my thumb? That’s from using it to help force a 4mm needle through double-stranded worsted weight yarn. I ended up with 2 long cuts along the ridges of my thumb and index finger. (I knew my thumb/finger was sore from pushing but i didn’t know the cuts were there until I held an acetone-soaked pad when removing my last manicure. Hence- “ow”!)

On the flip side, (literally, heh) I can show you my current manicure. I am so in love with this polish! (Hence- “wow”.)

Doesn’t it look like my nails are covered in slices if Tiger’s Eye?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “ow and wow

  1. Ow….. WOW!


  2. Ouch! Hope your fingers heal fast.

    I’m curious what you’re making their boy! Email me the project 🙂

    Neat nail polish!


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