sheldon #2 ready and waiting for baby #2


Pattern:  Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus (Ravelry link and Non-Ravelry link). 

Size:  One size.


Yarn:  Bernat Baby Coordinates in White and a bit of Patons Astra in Yellow

Needles: 3.25mm and 3.5mm

Dates:  December 9 – 14 2008


Modifications:  None.  I followed the pattern as written, although I only used the contrasting color (yellow) for the outer shell piece, not the inner one as well.  I also did the icord trim in white (unlike my first Sheldon, where I used the CC for that too).  Instead of plastic eyes I used the same technique as the first Sheldon, where I cut a small circle out of black felt and embroidered over it to get baby-safe eyes.  This time I made brown eyes instead of black.

As usual you can find my finished (and unfinished!) projects in my “projects” page by clicking the tab up at the top of every page on my blog, and I also have this project in my Ravelry notebook here.


Here are the two Sheldons side-by-side.  My gauge hasn’t changed much over the last 2 years, as they are almost identical in size.  Jakob’s Sheldon has been thrown in the washer and dryer many times, with no real loss of quality.  He’s floppier than the new one, but I expected that.  You can also see in this photo where the blue Sheldon’s neck is missing stuffing- that’s where Jakob holds it in his sleep.  When you pick the toy up the head hangs at a very disturbing angle!



Divine intervention?  The good thoughts of family and friends?  A well-timed sneeze?  The sloshing about in my last prenatal aquafitness class?  Boredom?

Whatever you want to claim as the cause, something caused my little kiddo to be on the move, because when I went to my latest OBGYN check-up on Tuesday, I found out (and had it confirmed via ultrasound) that the baby had turned!  It is, or at least on Tuesday it was, head down.  Yay!

So what does this mean?  Well, I didn’t automatically cancel my c-section date.  I’ll be seeing my doctor again first, and then I will be having a 38 week ultrasound to try and get a final estimation of the baby’s size.  The ultrasound date is shortly before the c-section date, so if the baby is predicted to be too large to pass safely, then I will have the c-section.  Should the baby NOT be deemed excessively large, and should no other factors come up that would pose a threat, then I will cancel the c-section and wait to go into labor, and will be attempting a VBAC.

Seems kinda scary to think about, now that I had adjusted to the idea of another cesarean.  I added a few items to my hospital bag to help during labor, and will now also need to add some clothes and snacks for Yannick, because the last thing I’d want is for him to have to leave before the baby is born!

In honor of the baby turning (and because I just realized I never made this baby a toy yet!) I’m knitting another Sheldon.  The first one I made (Rav, non-Rav) has been in Jakob’s crib since he left our bed, and I still catch him sleeping with his fingers around its neck.


 p.s. I think it’s because of all the gut-busting coughing I’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks…but who knows?

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some goodies

I forgot to show off some new yarn I got on Monday of this week. My Blue Moon order arrived, finally, after sitting at customs for about 3 weeks. See, when I’d placed the last order with Maaike, Yannick was really taken with how soft and luxuriuos the yarn felt. He offered to treat me to a skein if I’d knit a pair for him. How can I refuse an offer like that???

I chose the Fire on the Mountain colorway for my pair. I had a hard time deciding between this one and Sherbet, but in the end the darker colors prevailed. I still might order Sherbet in the future though…

Look at the colors!
I think this will look great on my feet! I might browse Ravelry to see which patterns others have used, but I’m thinking of either doing stockinette with a bit of a rib, or possibly a feather and fan leg. I’d like to see how this knits up before I decide officially.

After some further deliberation, Yannick chose Obsidian for himself.
I took a closeup of the yarn because you can’t really tell from the above photo, but it is actually a blend of black and brown.
I will try and get him to agree to a pair of Potomotopomotomoses, or Rpms or Cablenets but will (probably) wind up doing stocking stitch with something fancy added to relieve the boredom. I think I might do 2 tiny cables and maybe make a similar pair for myself with a row of eyelets between the cables. Hmm…

Now that Jakob is actually reaching for and grabbing for his toys, it is more fun to introduce new toys to him and see how fast they get yanked into his mouth. This week I introduced him to Sheldon for the first time. The boy and his turtle got along well, and Sheldon was only slightly sucked on before being discarded in favor of toes.

Oh, and one more thing…

It’s done.

Tons of photos and all the details in my next post. Happy Hallowe’en!


FO: Sheldon 01

Presenting: Sheldon

Isn’t he cute?

Sheldon wears the latest in shell fashions and
can be completely removed from his protective layer.

Oops- you weren’t supposed to see the naked pic!
A turtle moon…
Project specs:
Pattern: Sheldon from Knitty
Needles: 3.25mm and 3.5mm as per pattern
Cast-On to Bind Off: I cast on Friday night right before bed and had a finished Sheldon Monday evening. Plus I worked all day Saturday and packed most of Monday.
Was the pattern well written: Yes! Even though some of the techniques used might not be familiar to everyone, the pattern is so well written that I really think anyone can pick this up and knit a Sheldon of their own.
Changes to the pattern: Instead of attaching safety eyes I used a tip I saw on Knit Flix’s blog and made some felt eyes. I used my 3-hole punch and punched out 2 circles out of some leftover black felt from the second Poodle Skirt I made last year. Once I had the eyes positioned where I wanted them, I sewed over them with black embroidery floss until the felt disks were completely covered. This left me with perfectly round eyes that have a bit of a 3D effect, plus are baby-safe and won’t come off with repeated chewing. 😉
Will I knit it again: Did you not see I called him “Sheldon 01”? I will definately make him some friends.

As usual, these photos and others in my FO gallery on the left. Sheldon’s slideshow is here.