snow, slippers and sock yarn

I’m baaaack.

I knew I was ready to start posting again when I’d catch myself taking photos “for the blog” instead of “for myself”. Physically things are getting better chez boob, but not back to 100% yet. I’m being followed by a specialist, so that’s good, and now the incidents of pain are sporatic throughout the day…as opposed to before when it was the incidents of non-pain that were irregularly spaced out.

Remember that snowstorm I (and a bunch of other Montreal bloggers) posted about? Another opportunity for a photo! I bundled Jakob up into his snowsuit, the one that is about 3 sizes too big, and plopped him in the snow and started snapping away. The brave little guy managed to even give me a few grins while trying to figure out what was this cold white stuff that was falling on his face and freezing his nose.
Last week was also Hanukkah. I completely forgot to wish those who celebrate(d) a very happy Hanukkah, so please accept it belatedly. We are a multi-religion household, so here was Jakob on the first night of Hanukkah with the menorah and his advent calendar.
A recent splurge at my LYS resulted in me coming home with some Trekking sock yarn. I’ve never used Trekking before but quite liked how the colors look.
I still haven’t decided which pair will be for me, which for Yannick. (Or if I keep both for pairs for myself).
Finally, on Thursday night I’d finished the Anne’s Slippers. They’ve pretty much been on my feet ever since.
I followed the seamless pattern as written but I added a strap because I felt they were a bit big. On the right foot I knit the strap seperately and seamed it on, and on the right foot I figured out how to knit the strap in, all while still keeping it seamless. Strangely enough I like the seamed version better. The buttons are sewn on purely for decoration.

Oh, and I might have accentally also bought a ball of the Patons Shetland Chunky in solid black to make another pair of these. I think in black they will look eerily similar to a pair of mary janes.


random stuff

Here’s Mommy with Jakob at 27 weeks. (2 weeks ago).
I know I still haven’t posted the one from this past Thursday (28 wks) and…well…you’re not getting one. I managed to get Yannick to take 3 photos for me and all 3 suck. 🙂
On Friday Jakob and I had music class, then we went into town to go visit my grandmother. On the way in I saw this Plymouth Voyager in front of me. Nothing against the car…but dude…”pimp”? You’re driving a Voyager!
I forgot to post this photo from Wednesday. Robyn, Sean, Jakob and I went to the movies and saw Enchanted, which was very cute. I love how Jakob looks irritated (“leave me alone Ma, I’m here with a friend!”) and Sean looks guilty (“I told my mom I was at the library!”.
Yesterday was Dec 1st so we introduced Jakob to his first Advent Calendar. I think it is hysterical that I (Jewish) bought this for Jakob, and had to explain to Yannick (Catholic) what it is for. Of course, we’re not letting Jakob eat the chocolates, but it makes for a cute photo op!
Finally, in this collection of random photos, here’s a skein (actually 2 smaller skeins together) of Hand Maiden’s Rumple, 100% silk yarn. I made a joke to Yannick the other day about how he’d gone to our LYS 2 weeks ago to buy me yarn as a way of making up for something but left empty-handed, and never went back. Friday he left after supper telling me he had an errand to do, and he came home with this! I had been raving about my mom’s gift, which was knit with that pale, almost banana-green Hand Maiden Sea Silk (70% silk, 30% seacell) and Yannick wanted me to have something for ME that was out of a yarn as nice. Isn’t it pretty? The colors are actually much deeper in real life but the lighting sucked when I took the photo.

In other news from this week:
-Jakob can roll over both ways (left or right), from his tummy to back and vice versa. Gonna have to start baby-proofing the house!
-Yannick’s dad came over yesterday and today to help work on the den. Still a few more weeks’ worth of renos to do, but at least it’s finally gotten started
-I hand wound the Rumple with Yannick’s help and started the scarf/shawl but needed to pick up some pointier needles (to get into those k2togs in the boucle-esque yarn) so I only have an inch or so completed and no photos yet.
-I knit up to the first repeat in the Chain Melody but forgot to take a photo
-I don’t know if Jakob is teething or growing, but for 2 nights now I’ve had to feed him at 4am to get him to stop crying, plus he cries for 2 hrs before finally taking any of his daily naps. This can NOT continue…
-I started a pair of Pocket Book Slippers for myself (I’ll post the link in my next post with some photos). I went stash-diving for yarn and found a soft mauve in the proper gauge in the stash I inherited from my grandmother. I got halfway through the first slipper last night when it hit me- I only had 1 50g ball of yarn…and 2 feet. Further exploration of my stash got me to find out that the Patons Shetland Chunky I’d used to knit Jakob’s vest was the exact same weight and yarn content (75% acrylic/25% wool) as my Bubbie’s vintage stuff. I had most of a 100g ball of the gray left, so I completely undid my slipper and started over, working the new pair in 2 row stripes. The pale gray and pale purple actually go well together, in an almost old-fashioned way, which makes me happy that I could find a use for my Bubbie’s yarn and transform it into something I would use and have to remember her with. I think I explained this really backwards and I’m too tired to go back and rewrite this paragraph…but I’m glad I was able to mix the two yarns and come up with new socks that look old-fashioned and thus will remind me of my grandmother.
-I just used the word “thus”. I need a nap.



I’m still not sure what to do about the Marble clapotis. I had made up my mind to rip it out and save the yarn for another project, but when Maaike was over this morning she got me thinking i should keep it and continue. What do do? On the one hand…no it’s not as nice as the project I just finished. But on the other…it’s not the same thing at all. This isn’t silk laceweight. This is dk acrylic in vibrant colors that I do really like. And would it kill me to have a machine washable, workhorse scarf? I think it’s just the thought of slogging through another 3 balls of yarn that are getting to me. I’m going to think on it a while and decide- without ripping it back just yet.

My KnitPicks order arrived! I took advantage of their yarn sale to get a little bit more, and decided to try out some Shimmer (70% alpaca, 30% silk). It is sooooooo soft! I had a hard time deciding the colors I wanted, but I think this brown mix is going to be perfect. I would like to use this yarn to design an oversized, lacy top to wear over a tank top, and since I usually wear jeans or black pants, and a black tank, this will go with the neutrals but will still be dressy if I choose to wear it somewhere dressier. I have a bunch of sketches of this one, but nothing concrete yet.

I got some knitting books too…mostly more stitch pattern books for designing.
Last night the stars aligned and I was able to finally cast on for the Chain Melody socks. I like how the yarn is knitting up, the short repeats make each color last only for 3/4 to 1 row before changing…but when I did my swatch I was able to have each color stripe for a few rows and I have to say…I LOVED that. I almost wish I could get this same colorway but in longer repeats to stripe on my foot. I’ll probably have enough left over to add this to the blankie, though, which will be shorter repeats and will stripe the way I like.
10 minutes ago my Ram Wools order arrived. Check this out- 12 knitting magazines for $2 each! With the US/CAD conversion, that comes out to about $1.89 each LOL…and when brand new the mags cost over $7.00. Not a bad sale! I think my favorite part is the plastic zippered bag they came in…perfect for storing a project in. Thanks Ram Wools!Finally, here is a real treat. My friend JayJay over in LA sent this to me in exchange for the Baby Knits duplicate book I’d recieved. Who do you think got the better end of this exchange? This is Lamb’s Pride worsted (85% wool/ 15% mohair) that she dyed herself. Isn’t it gorgeous?
She also sent me this HEAVY box of chocolates…which Yannick was very disappointed to find out that we would be savoring it- not devouring it in one night.
Thanks JayJay! Swapping is fun!


all kinds of stuff

I hope you’re not on dial-up, ‘cus there are a ton of photos in this post!

Last Sunday Robyn, Sean, my aunt (Robyn’s mom), Jakob and I went to a local craft fair. Like Robyn, I haven’t been there in ages. There was some cute stuff, some WAY overpriced stuff and some fun stuff. It’s a shame though…with the exception of some really original stuff (one silver or tinsmith table comes to mind that had wind chimes and jewelry made out of cutlery), it almost seemed like there were duplicate tables. Or at least, yet another table with your name written on a felt snowman ornament, or whatever.

There was enough interesting stuff to keep us walking around for a while, and I did end up buying from 3 stands.

One stand hand wooden items. Not the same type of wooden items as another stand I purchased from…the latter one had detailed, polished wood toys and items. The former was more cutesy tole-painted wooden signs and figurines. Robyn got a cute Laundry Room Lady. I picked up these two eyeglass holders for my dad (an optician) to put in his store.
The pink sunglasses are mine. Say what you will…they’re DKNY, plastic and silly…and although I can have my pick of any frame in existance (practically) and I get to try them all on when the reps come by…my night-time glasses are still an old pair of Ralph Laurens circa 1996, and these are my only pair of sunglasses. And yes, they are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea- uh I mean almost, but not quite Barbie pink. (So you CAN say I see the world through rose-colored glasses!)

I was wearing Jakob in a Snugli because I figured it would be easier than pushing a stroller around. Many people came up to us and commented on him, and, being his usual self (even though he was exhausted) he treated them all to giggles and grin. As we passed one booth selling African items, the Kenyan lady manning the booth called out to Jakob and asked him to smile for her. I couldn’t see his face but I’m guessing he did smile because the next thing I knew she took a hand-carved wooden giraffe off her table and gave it to him! He is really cute and probably about 3 inches tall, and I couldn’t believe she just gave it to him like that! I browsed her table for a bit because I wanted to buy something as a “thank you” and her daughter came out from behind the table to play with Jakob. She was an adorable little girl, probably about 8 with the most adorable accent, and when she started playing with this zebra tam-tam Jakob went nuts! He was laughing and shaking…he loves music and I guess any noise-maker too. So I bought the tam-tam. You hold the stick in your hand and roll it back and forth, and the two little wooden bits swing back and forth on their strings and hit the center “drum”. It makes a loud tock-tock noise and though I thought it would scare him, Jakob loves it.

The last item I’ll show you is the first one I’d actually bought. How cute is this? It’s a toy wooden truck, hand made with real turning wheels. The best part- it’s a crayon holder! We are a very crafty family (duh…this IS a knitting/craft blog) and I think it is so cool that I can encourage my son to color or draw by letting him “drive” his crayons to the paper. It came with a free coloring book and I picked the 101 Dalmations one because the pages are heavy enough for paint, and they are perforated to tear out easily.
In other news, yesterday Jakob started zucchini for the first time.
He’s quite happy with it. 🙂
I did notice a bit of a rash on him today, but I’ve never heard of anyone having a zucchini allergy. Luckily tomorrow morning we are going to his doctor for his 6 month vaccinations and a flu shot, so I will be able to ask him about the rash.
I haven’t done much knitting this week…mainly because I feel like I haven’t left the kitchen. We did some grocery shopping on Saturday, and I picked up yet more stuff to become baby food.
Everything in this photo is for Jakob to eat. From the center top you’ve got 4 turkey breasts, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, a can of peaches in water, 2 chicken breasts, and celery and carrots to be used when cooking the poultry.
On Tuesday I cooked up the turkey and chicken and pureed those, plus I made the peaches. I think I mentioned previously that the peaches taste “eh”. I know fresh peaches will be better, but the store didn’t have any. I know, Maaike, that I could have waited until they did have some, but at least this way I can get Jakob to taste them for the 3 days to eliminate an allergy and then give him fresh ones once they have them.
Yesterday I made the sweet potatoe and the pears. I confess to reserving a bit of the cooking liquid and pre-pureed, but cooked pears for myself, and I will do the same with the apples once I make them. I hear they’re good on yogurt…
Remember the Hallowe’en pumkins? Well the baby one was stolen that night. Today I cooked up the lumpy Mama pumpkin. I swear I didn’t leave my kitchen all day! I spent nearly half the day cooking up, then pureeing 12 pounds of farshtinkener pumpkin. I filled 2 ice-cube trays for Jakob, and 5 sandwich bags with 1 or 2 cup servings of puree to freeze for myself in case I ever get the urge to cook with pumkin puree again. I reserved 2 cups to bake with, and made these: That’s pumpkin bread with walnuts, and pumpkin cookies with walnuts and corrinthian raisins (currants). I haven’t tasted the bread yet, but I imagine it will taste very similar to the cookies since the ingredients were almost the same.
And finally, if you’re still here…a reward for the eyes:

Last Thursday Maaike and I went down to Effiloche and I bought her some yarn as a thank you for a project she helped me out with. They had received a new shipment of recycled sari silk, and I decided that I needed me some. I already had the two top skeins which were a gift from my secret pal that one time I played along. I had a feeling, though, that whatever I would ultimately decide to do with it would require more, so I brought mine with to find a skein to match. Well. Mine don’t have labels, so heaven help us to know if they are “twisted”, “original”, “washed”, or any other variety of sari silk. In the end we narrowed it down to “twisted” or “original”, then set about finding a matching color. Some were too “tomato”, others didn’t have the very intelligent shade of the color blue (Hooloovoo). You should have seen us with all the skeins untwisted and laid open! Ginette was very patient with me, and in the end I think we found one that will match perfectly. Maaike also got some, but we’re still waiting for her to post photos…

*I feel like this is a Where’s Waldo post. Can you spot the two references to h2g2?

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some goodies

I forgot to show off some new yarn I got on Monday of this week. My Blue Moon order arrived, finally, after sitting at customs for about 3 weeks. See, when I’d placed the last order with Maaike, Yannick was really taken with how soft and luxuriuos the yarn felt. He offered to treat me to a skein if I’d knit a pair for him. How can I refuse an offer like that???

I chose the Fire on the Mountain colorway for my pair. I had a hard time deciding between this one and Sherbet, but in the end the darker colors prevailed. I still might order Sherbet in the future though…

Look at the colors!
I think this will look great on my feet! I might browse Ravelry to see which patterns others have used, but I’m thinking of either doing stockinette with a bit of a rib, or possibly a feather and fan leg. I’d like to see how this knits up before I decide officially.

After some further deliberation, Yannick chose Obsidian for himself.
I took a closeup of the yarn because you can’t really tell from the above photo, but it is actually a blend of black and brown.
I will try and get him to agree to a pair of Potomotopomotomoses, or Rpms or Cablenets but will (probably) wind up doing stocking stitch with something fancy added to relieve the boredom. I think I might do 2 tiny cables and maybe make a similar pair for myself with a row of eyelets between the cables. Hmm…

Now that Jakob is actually reaching for and grabbing for his toys, it is more fun to introduce new toys to him and see how fast they get yanked into his mouth. This week I introduced him to Sheldon for the first time. The boy and his turtle got along well, and Sheldon was only slightly sucked on before being discarded in favor of toes.

Oh, and one more thing…

It’s done.

Tons of photos and all the details in my next post. Happy Hallowe’en!


super sleeves

I have a secret project. I can’t talk about it when I’m listening because I promised myself I wouldn’t say anything. However, I didn’t promise myself not to show a quick photo of the secret yarn.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s from Fleece Artist’s finer line, HandMaiden. It is called Sea Silk, is 70% silk and 30% Sea Cell and is so soft! You can’t really tell from the photo but it is actually a very soft variation from a pale, almost buttery green to a color I can closest describe as “banana”. I love it!
My ball winder is still packed somewhere, so Yannick was very gracious and held his hands up in the football goalpost position for about a half hour while we watched a taped episode of CSI: Miami and I wound this ball by hand. Looks are deceiving- the wound ball is only about 3 or 4 inches high, but it is heavy!

Since we will be starting to introduce Jakob to solid foods in about 2 weeks, I wanted him to get used to sitting in a high chair. Our second hand one is still at my parents’ house, so we finally opened up the one we’d recieved at our baby shower. Yannick put it together and we let Jakob have a test run.

With Hallowe’en fast approaching, I know my time is running out on Jakob’s Superman Costume. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked to this past weekend, but I did finish the sleeves.

I know they look short, it is because that is only the sleeves to the armpit. I will be joining them to the body and working the yoke with the sleeves as one piece. I also finally got around to charting the S (did I mention that already? I can’t remember…) and will be trying to knit like mad this week. I’m hoping to avoid leaving the house tomorrow so I can knit like crazy when Jakob naps. Wish me luck!



Mommy with Jakob at 22 weeks.
I went to my LYS on Friday and did a little stash enhancing. I know, I know, sock yarn is the LAST thing I am running out of, but I couldn’t resist the colors! I had been at the mall on Wednesday when the LYS got in their latest shipment of Regia, and I loved the mix of black, gray and red in this colorway:

Unfortunately I had to wait until Thursday for them to enter the new yarn into their database, so that I could actually buy it. After playgroup I stopped in at the mall on my way home and snapped up a ball for myself and one for Maaike. I had already paid and was on my way out the door when I saw this little number:
I couldn’t resist those browns!

Later that day I went to the park with Maaike and Erika. The weather was perfect for Fall, breezy and cool with that slight smell of rain in the air. A lot of the leaves around had already turned orange and fallen off of their trees, and there were HUGE piles of leaves all around the park. We got some really great photos of the kids. I LOVE this one that Maaike took for me:

I couldn’t resist plopping Jakob into one of the great big piles and taking a few photos. I would have had some better ones but he kept moving, and once I finally got him to stop wiggling he kept trying to eat the leaves.

This is my absolute favorite season. Happy Autumn everyone!


so close i can taste it

I finally have a chance to sit down at the computer! I’ve been using my snatches of time to catch up on your blogs and read my emails, so this is the first time I’ve had a small block of time where I can actually post. I’m not going to catch up any more, because, quite frankly, my days are boring and just blurs of more errands and more taking care of Jakob. I’ll still post photos, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have anything to blog about!

We did do something different and special last week, though. On Friday we had Jakob’s first music class. There were about 25 or so moms and kids, ranging in age (the babies) from about 2 months until about a year. The class was hosted by a guy with a guitar, I think he called himself Loony Lorne or something. It was like “Sing-along with Raffi”…he played songs and sang and we all sang along and “danced” with our kids. At one point they all got toys and Jakob shook a maraca while I tried to keep it out of his mouth. Each week has a theme, and this week’s theme was the Beatles which was funny because we’d just seen the Beatles’ movie two days earlier, and Jakob really seems to like their songs.

Mommy with Jakob at 19 (!) weeks. Like his shirt? It says “I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me”. :]
Here’s my progress on the Montego Bay scarf. Since Yannick is sleeping in the other room and I’ve been tired lately, instead of watching TV until late, I’ve been getting into bed as soon as Jakob is down for the night. I loaded up my iPod with some new podcasts, and have been knitting like mad until my eyes get too heavy.

All that is left of this to knit is that little ball hanging below the needle holder. I’m going to try and finish it today, because I have this
Smooth DK that needs swatching! I’m going to try to beat the clock and knit Jakob a Hallowe’en costume this year. Any guesses as to what he’ll be dressed as?

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and finally…today!

Whee! I’m all caught up! (for now….)

This morning we went for a stroller walk with Robyn & Sean, and a mom (Bonnie) from my Thursday playgroup. We walked for around an hour and a half and it felt good to get in even a minimal workout!

Jakob woke up towards the end of the walk and once we were done we put the strollers side by side so he could see his cousin.
He was in such a great mood! He didn’t stop giggling and talking…its too bad that we had to upset him again today.

We decided that Yannick would give him a bottle every day at the 7:00pm feed. That way Jakob would (eventually!) get used to having a bottle, but it wasn’t the last one before bed so he’d still get a good feeding to help him sleep. Unfortunately Yannick has bowling on Tuesdays, but so that we wouldn’t miss a day, he came home at lunch time to do the lunch time feeding. It didn’t go well. After an hour of crying, resisting and passing out from exhaustion, Yannick had to go back to work and there was still 1 oz of an original 3 oz of breastmilk in the bottle. What little he had drunk was by accident as it spilled into his mouth and he swallowed so he wouldn’t choke. He finally calmed down when I held him and I got him to at least accept the bottle in his mouth. He didn’t drink it, but he chewed it like it was a teething ring, and ended up getting the rest of the milk without realizing it. It’s going to be really tough until he takes it, because his crying is really hard to take. He looks and acts as if we don’t love him and are torturing him. I think tomorrow night I will physically leave the house when Yannick tries to feed him, both so that he can’t smell me (or the milk) and so I won’t have to hear him cry. I might give Yannick a new pillow to rest him against and have him sit somewhere different so he won’t have the familiarity of my usual breastfeeding pillow and spot with the unfamiliarity of Yannick giving him the bottle.

Robyn brought me the Jitterbug I’d eyed at Effiloche. I *must* stop buying yarn! I couldn’t resist this one though, the colors just catch my eye. It reminds both of a bird of paradise flower, and those glowing neon Tetra fish you see at pet stores.

Isn’t it pretty? I think these will become just plain stockinette stitch socks for me me me. I think the colors stand out enough that I wouldn’t need anything fancy to have some pretty funky feet! (Uh…that’s funky in a GOOD way).

Look- I have been knitting! This is the progress so far on the Montego Bay scarf. I decided not to frog it after all (thanks Maaike!) and am slogging away. It’s a very easy pattern to memorize and I wouldn’t have to pay too much attention to it except that I’m knitting it on addi turbos and the points aren’t sharp enough to do the k2togs without looking. I’d advise someone else knitting this to use a sharper needle.

Something about Jakob’s pose in that photo just cracks me up. It looks like he’s saying “hey- check ME out!”

My aunt Mimi came over before driving back to Toronto today, and she brought Jakob a really soft sweatsuit. We put it on him to see if it fit and couldn’t resist giving him a cuddle while he was so warm and snuggly. Could you resist this face?

Now I’m done. Fini. Caput. I’ve done laundry, exercised, showered, taken care of Jakob, fed him and he’s currently crying is bum off in bed. I think I’m going to take him out and let him sleep in my lap until the next feed at 10:00 while I watch Big Brother and Law & Order. I’ll try and get some knitting in, then can’t wait to hit the sack!


thurs, sept 13

Thursday was night 2 of Rosh Hashana. I think I putzed around the house all day (the problem with post-blogging is a failing memory!) because I knew it would be a busy night. If memory serves at all, I worked on my Knitty submissions.
We’re actually not hockey fans in this house. Hear that? That was a collective gasp from all the Canadians who read this blog. Don’t worry…we like hockey…we’re just not partial to a particular team, nor do we feel the need to watch it on TV. Get me tickets to a live game though, especially when the Habs (Canadians) are playing, and I’m SO there! Instead, we’re football fans…the Colts…and yes, we started rooting for them years before their superbowl win. Or, rather, Yannick has, which makes Jakob and I Colts fans by default. Unfortunately I don’t have any Colts stuff for Jakob yet, but I did have this cute little Canadians outfit that he was just about to grow out of, so I put it on him to go to my parents’ house for dinner.

It was with my dad’s side of the family so we got to see Robyn and Sean. I still didn’t get any knitting done, but I did manage to enhance my stash! :]
Robyn brought me some Noro Silk Garden from her store. It is going to be a scarf, for me me me. I am a knitter who does not own a hand-knit scarf. (Yes, I’m ignoring the multicolored fun-fur one in my closet because I didn’t know any better, and yes, I’m also ignoring the Vegas scarf, which doesn’t match my Winter coat, and yes, I’m ignoring the unfinished Clapotis).

I also got my kit from her September Sock Club. The yarn was custom-dyed to match the colors of Robyn’s store, and while they are not colors I would have said to put together, the finished result is really funky! I am going to use it to make the socks from the pattern provided, and they will be for me me me too.

EDITED TO ADD: turns out the colors WERE custom dyed-but not specifically to match the shop. Which is funny, ‘cus they DO match the splash page of Robyn’s store (turquoise with an orange bird). In any case…I love the yarn! 🙂
Robyn also brought me a birthday present- more Socks that Rock! She didn’t know I was ordering with Maaike and had wanted to be the one to give me my first STR skein. I love the colors!

Sean had brought Jakob some clothes too as a gift for his first Rosh Hashana but they’re in the wash and I forgot to photograph them. 🙂