snow, slippers and sock yarn


I’m baaaack.

I knew I was ready to start posting again when I’d catch myself taking photos “for the blog” instead of “for myself”. Physically things are getting better chez boob, but not back to 100% yet. I’m being followed by a specialist, so that’s good, and now the incidents of pain are sporatic throughout the day…as opposed to before when it was the incidents of non-pain that were irregularly spaced out.

Remember that snowstorm I (and a bunch of other Montreal bloggers) posted about? Another opportunity for a photo! I bundled Jakob up into his snowsuit, the one that is about 3 sizes too big, and plopped him in the snow and started snapping away. The brave little guy managed to even give me a few grins while trying to figure out what was this cold white stuff that was falling on his face and freezing his nose.
Last week was also Hanukkah. I completely forgot to wish those who celebrate(d) a very happy Hanukkah, so please accept it belatedly. We are a multi-religion household, so here was Jakob on the first night of Hanukkah with the menorah and his advent calendar.
A recent splurge at my LYS resulted in me coming home with some Trekking sock yarn. I’ve never used Trekking before but quite liked how the colors look.
I still haven’t decided which pair will be for me, which for Yannick. (Or if I keep both for pairs for myself).
Finally, on Thursday night I’d finished the Anne’s Slippers. They’ve pretty much been on my feet ever since.
I followed the seamless pattern as written but I added a strap because I felt they were a bit big. On the right foot I knit the strap seperately and seamed it on, and on the right foot I figured out how to knit the strap in, all while still keeping it seamless. Strangely enough I like the seamed version better. The buttons are sewn on purely for decoration.

Oh, and I might have accentally also bought a ball of the Patons Shetland Chunky in solid black to make another pair of these. I think in black they will look eerily similar to a pair of mary janes.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “snow, slippers and sock yarn

  1. “Accidentally” bought a ball of yarn, eh? Snort! I really, really like the button on the strap of those slippers.


  2. Which LYS has trekking? Those blues are gorgeous! Will that be before or after the other sock yarn you bought recently?


  3. What a coincidence! I “accidently” bought some new yarn too! The slippers look really cute. I want to make similar ones in a teeny, tiny size for the baby.

    Jakob always looks so happy, and his snowsuit is adorable!


  4. Ooops, that last comment was me, but I clicked something funny when I posted it.


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