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Here’s Mommy with Jakob at 27 weeks. (2 weeks ago).
I know I still haven’t posted the one from this past Thursday (28 wks) and…well…you’re not getting one. I managed to get Yannick to take 3 photos for me and all 3 suck. 🙂
On Friday Jakob and I had music class, then we went into town to go visit my grandmother. On the way in I saw this Plymouth Voyager in front of me. Nothing against the car…but dude…”pimp”? You’re driving a Voyager!
I forgot to post this photo from Wednesday. Robyn, Sean, Jakob and I went to the movies and saw Enchanted, which was very cute. I love how Jakob looks irritated (“leave me alone Ma, I’m here with a friend!”) and Sean looks guilty (“I told my mom I was at the library!”.
Yesterday was Dec 1st so we introduced Jakob to his first Advent Calendar. I think it is hysterical that I (Jewish) bought this for Jakob, and had to explain to Yannick (Catholic) what it is for. Of course, we’re not letting Jakob eat the chocolates, but it makes for a cute photo op!
Finally, in this collection of random photos, here’s a skein (actually 2 smaller skeins together) of Hand Maiden’s Rumple, 100% silk yarn. I made a joke to Yannick the other day about how he’d gone to our LYS 2 weeks ago to buy me yarn as a way of making up for something but left empty-handed, and never went back. Friday he left after supper telling me he had an errand to do, and he came home with this! I had been raving about my mom’s gift, which was knit with that pale, almost banana-green Hand Maiden Sea Silk (70% silk, 30% seacell) and Yannick wanted me to have something for ME that was out of a yarn as nice. Isn’t it pretty? The colors are actually much deeper in real life but the lighting sucked when I took the photo.

In other news from this week:
-Jakob can roll over both ways (left or right), from his tummy to back and vice versa. Gonna have to start baby-proofing the house!
-Yannick’s dad came over yesterday and today to help work on the den. Still a few more weeks’ worth of renos to do, but at least it’s finally gotten started
-I hand wound the Rumple with Yannick’s help and started the scarf/shawl but needed to pick up some pointier needles (to get into those k2togs in the boucle-esque yarn) so I only have an inch or so completed and no photos yet.
-I knit up to the first repeat in the Chain Melody but forgot to take a photo
-I don’t know if Jakob is teething or growing, but for 2 nights now I’ve had to feed him at 4am to get him to stop crying, plus he cries for 2 hrs before finally taking any of his daily naps. This can NOT continue…
-I started a pair of Pocket Book Slippers for myself (I’ll post the link in my next post with some photos). I went stash-diving for yarn and found a soft mauve in the proper gauge in the stash I inherited from my grandmother. I got halfway through the first slipper last night when it hit me- I only had 1 50g ball of yarn…and 2 feet. Further exploration of my stash got me to find out that the Patons Shetland Chunky I’d used to knit Jakob’s vest was the exact same weight and yarn content (75% acrylic/25% wool) as my Bubbie’s vintage stuff. I had most of a 100g ball of the gray left, so I completely undid my slipper and started over, working the new pair in 2 row stripes. The pale gray and pale purple actually go well together, in an almost old-fashioned way, which makes me happy that I could find a use for my Bubbie’s yarn and transform it into something I would use and have to remember her with. I think I explained this really backwards and I’m too tired to go back and rewrite this paragraph…but I’m glad I was able to mix the two yarns and come up with new socks that look old-fashioned and thus will remind me of my grandmother.
-I just used the word “thus”. I need a nap.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “random stuff

  1. Sounds to me like Jakob’s teeth are finally going to pop through. Hang in there! And I’m so jealous that your husband actually goes to a yarn store and buys yarn for you!!!


  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I’m sorry my pattern is giving you some grief. It is on Ravelry and this is the first time someone has pointed out this problem, so let’s review it together. (by the way, I don’t have your email, so I apologize about it going this way.)
    This is the instruction (with my comments for each row in brackets), after you have five stitches on your needle.

    # Row 1: *Knit 1, yo, knit to end.
    (increasing to 6 stitches. the “yo” is the increase)

    # Row 2: Knit to end.
    (in this row you are knitting the “yo” creating the hole… oh crap there should be a k2tog to bring it back to 5 stitches-just like you said! It is not my intention to have 8 stitches!)

    # Row 3: Knit to end.* (five stitches)

    Repeat until there are three button holes.

    (You’re right, there should be 3 stitches before this next part happens!)

    # *After the last button hole: Slip 1, K2tog, Knit to end. (4 stitches)*
    Repeat between * to decrease row to 3 stitches.

    Bind Off Row: Slip 1, K2tog, pass slipped stitch over.

    Bind off.

    Thanks for pointing this out I really appreciate it.
    I’ll be posting the erratum this morning.




  3. This might be better:

    Button Hole Strap

    * Row 1: *Knit 1, yo, k2tog, k2.
    * Row 2: Knit to end.
    * Row 3: Knit to end.*
    * Repeat until there are three button holes.

    *After the last button hole: Slip 1, K2tog, Knit to end. (4 stitches)*
    Repeat between *. (3 stitches)

    * Bind Off Row: Slip 1, K2tog, pass slipped stitch over.
    Bind off.
    * Weave loose ends.

    What do you think?


  4. That was so sweet of Yannick!

    As for the Voyager, just think how much room you would need to transport all your ladies. 😉

    Cute photos of you, Jakob, and friends!


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