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New York cake

New York Cake

I’ve showed this finished cake before but never actually posted detail shots.  Let’s remedy that.

A few years ago a co-worker of my brother’s asked if I could make a cake matching an image she’d found online.

nycakeAt the time it didn’t occur to me to check online to see whose design it was.  I just looked now and can’t find an exact source.  I can see it listed on Cake Picture Gallery without a source, and a very similar design here on cakesdecor.com credited to Berliosca Cake Boutique in BC.  I don’t know whose came first.  In any case, I was asked to make just one tier, no water/bridge/statue, and told she’d provide the apple herself.

I decided to build it up with a checkerboard cake, partly because I needed the height from the three layers to fit the skyline, and partly because I loved the idea of a New York-themed cake having a taxi cab-esque checkerboard on the inside.  (It’s deliciouser on the inside.  Heh.)


I leveled the cakes and filled them with homemade buttercream, then did a crumb coat around the entire cake.  I let that set up in the fridge while tinting some store-bought white fondant into the pale gray-ish blue color.  Rolled it out and covered the cake.


I bought pre-tinted black fondant and rolled out a thick disc to set the cake on, then rolled out some strips the height of my tallest building.  I eyeballed the building placement, going off the sample pic and just tried to make sure I had some variation in heights for interest.  You can see in the pic below that I used a toothpick to support the tallest building.  I cut out the buildings in groupings of 2-3 and ‘glued’ them around the cake with a bit of water.  I stuck them on after setting the cake in place, so I could make sure to butt them down as low as possible to the ‘road’.

IMG_0228  I thinned some black food gel and dotted the ‘stars’ around the sky, and used Wilton whitener for the road markings and the ‘windows’.  Sadly I didn’t think to thicken the whitener with a bit of icing sugar, so it paled considerably once dried, and I had to do a second coat on most of them.  To make the adorable taxis I tinted some white fondant yellow and shaped it into a rectangular brick.  I cut off the outside corners with a sharp knife then sliced the resulting “T” shape into car-appropriate widths.  The wheels are tiny flattened disks of black fondant, everything ‘glued’ together with a bit of water.IMG_0233


The last thing to do was the grass for the top.  I knew they’d be adding the apple on-site, but making a green fondant disk felt too easy.  I had leftover buttercream so I tinted it green and hand-piped the blades of grass with a piping bag and multi-holed icing tip. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI later received this pic from the woman who’d bought the cake.  I love seeing the inside, seeing that the checkerboard lined up properly!  😀



So excited! I’m going to my first ever ComicCon tomorrow, and I can’t wait! I’m not dressing up though I admit to trying on my neighbor’s Sailor Moon costume, just to see… LOL but I don’t have the guts. So my extent of geeky getup is my Nintendo remote necklace, my all-time favorite piece of jewelry I own. I bought it and matching earrings from an etsy vendor. I don’t remember her etsy username but her website is http://www.sweetappletea.com. I saw she did a set with the Super NES remote and I requested the original remote as a custom job, and she did such a phenomenal job! I wear it all the time and everyone comments on it.


Yes, I did my nails to match. 🙂

The checkerboard cake was picked up this afternoon, and I think it was a big hit. The woman sent me an example photo she’d found online, and requested only one tier, no water/bridge/statue, icing grass, and said she’d provide the apple.


That’s the example on the upper left, and the rest are the cake I made. I think she was really happy with it!

It was the first time I’d done a real commissioned cake. I’ve done my boys’ cakes for a few years now, and as each family member hits a special bday I (and sometimes with my sister) will make their cake. I made a cake for my mom’s best friend a few weeks ago, and while I guess technically it was commissioned, all I’d been asked was for “a scrabble cake”, so I had free reign on the design. This was the first time I’ve had to match an image and the thought of it being held up to scrutiny was so intimidating that I had knots in my stomach before starting the fondant work. I knew I could make it look like the photo, but I was afraid she wanted exactness and didn’t know if mine would be good enough. I MYCH prefer simply having to work with a theme, than having a sample to be compared to!!

I’m going to get an early night’s sleep now. I’m bringing Jakob tomorrow and he’s decided to dress as Super Tiger for the occasion. (That’s a tiger costume, topped with the superhero cape Maaike made for him. I don’t get it either.)

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here we are again

Every time I put off posting I end up with a long list of things to remember to blog about, and then it gets so daunting that I give up and don’t do it.
I think I did better when I did more frequent mini-posts, vs long daily posts trying to recap everything.  So we’ll try that again.

I’m baking a checkerboard cake tonight, for my first “commissioned” cake job.  More later.  🙂