So excited! I’m going to my first ever ComicCon tomorrow, and I can’t wait! I’m not dressing up though I admit to trying on my neighbor’s Sailor Moon costume, just to see… LOL but I don’t have the guts. So my extent of geeky getup is my Nintendo remote necklace, my all-time favorite piece of jewelry I own. I bought it and matching earrings from an etsy vendor. I don’t remember her etsy username but her website is http://www.sweetappletea.com. I saw she did a set with the Super NES remote and I requested the original remote as a custom job, and she did such a phenomenal job! I wear it all the time and everyone comments on it.


Yes, I did my nails to match. 🙂

The checkerboard cake was picked up this afternoon, and I think it was a big hit. The woman sent me an example photo she’d found online, and requested only one tier, no water/bridge/statue, icing grass, and said she’d provide the apple.


That’s the example on the upper left, and the rest are the cake I made. I think she was really happy with it!

It was the first time I’d done a real commissioned cake. I’ve done my boys’ cakes for a few years now, and as each family member hits a special bday I (and sometimes with my sister) will make their cake. I made a cake for my mom’s best friend a few weeks ago, and while I guess technically it was commissioned, all I’d been asked was for “a scrabble cake”, so I had free reign on the design. This was the first time I’ve had to match an image and the thought of it being held up to scrutiny was so intimidating that I had knots in my stomach before starting the fondant work. I knew I could make it look like the photo, but I was afraid she wanted exactness and didn’t know if mine would be good enough. I MYCH prefer simply having to work with a theme, than having a sample to be compared to!!

I’m going to get an early night’s sleep now. I’m bringing Jakob tomorrow and he’s decided to dress as Super Tiger for the occasion. (That’s a tiger costume, topped with the superhero cape Maaike made for him. I don’t get it either.)

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “squee!

  1. We will be at comicon. We got VIP tickets. Text me when you are there. 🙂

    I tried on a wonder woman costume… But it was way too big unfortunately for me.


  2. Wow, that cake is amazing! I think you did a fantastic job! Can you do one for Iva? (I so wish you could; we have a great local place but it is really expensive.)


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