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Well I completely missed Christmas didn’t I? Merry
Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone who celebrates! I put our
tree up last week after Robyn’s son Quentin’s bris. It’s fiberoptic
and the boys like watching it change colors.

Took the kids to
Santa on Christmas eve day. Had a bit of excitement helping a mom
find her lost child, but it worked out in the end and the day was a
success- the mom found her kid, I got my yearly Santa photo, and
the boys got home in time for their naps. Now that Jakob’s old
enough to “get” the holidays, we were able to start some holiday
traditions. I bought a special cup and saucer set to leave out
cookies for Santa, and we watched Polar Express as a family, then
played a board game with Jakob before bed. – I got an update from
the guy I knit the dog sweaters for. The sweaters fit great but are
a touch long in the underbelly (the one measurement I forgot to ask
for) so I may need to undo the ribbing and shorten them.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “2010-12-29

  1. Very cute santa photo!

    Glad that mom found her kid.


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