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Happy New Year! Anyone make any resolutions?

I will be trying something this year- sticking to “moderation”. I think limitations (like diets, yarn or otherwise) are set up to fail. They either have expiration dates, or set you up for a lifetime of sacrifice. With moderation, though, you can have it all. Just maybe smaller amounts of it.

In keeping with that faith I kept my knitting to moderation today. I didn’t stress about my late deadline project, nor get frustrated about taking on these challenged but then never having time to knit for myself. Instead I divvied up my time. I know I need to focus and make notes on my deadline project, but can knit stockinette with my eyes closed. So while my boys napped I made sure to spend the 3.5hrs working where I could pay attention, then at night catching up on Fringe with Yannick I was able to take 2 hrs and comfort knit. This way I got knitting done for myself AND for my project, and I don’t feel guilty or slighted.

And I made progress!

I’ve got 18 more repeats (36 more rows) to go before I divide for the arms and body on the Featherweight Cardigan.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “first post of the year

  1. Moderation sounds like a good plan! Is featherweight an easy knit? It’s on my list to knit. What yarn are you using?


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