I think this is the fastest I’ve ever had a project up and on the blog, post-completion.  (It doesn’t hurt that I’ve got the day off and I charged my camera battery).

Pattern:  Mug and French Press Jacket by MK Carroll (Ravelry link)

Size:  completely modified (see below)

Yarn:  Red Heart Super Saver, Cherry Red, about 25 g for each cozy

Needles:  4mm

Dates:  December 19 – 22 2010

Modifications:  Technically I changed so much that the only thing left of the original pattern is the inspiration.  Still, that’s where I got the smocking “cable”, so I’m leaving the link.

I didn’t put a bottom or a button on it.  Instead I rejoined the top and let it be an easy tube to slip on/off.  I changed the number of sts to cast on, the number of sts to bind off, and the number of pattern repeats.  Then I cast on the 2 sts I’d bound off, and did a few more rib rows to rejoin, before binding off the top.

That was about where I crashed last night.  This morning I filled each mug with gourmet truffles, tucked in a Tim Horton’s gift card, slipped a little gift card with care instructions underneath (the green bit you can see peeking out from under) and wrapped it in clear cello-wrap.

I brought the gifts in when I dropped off the kids this morning for their last day of daycare until the new year.  The teachers seemed quite happy about their gifts.  One of the baby class teachers, who had Jakob for 2 years before now having Henri, was a little disappointed at first at not getting something handmade, when she felt the mug and saw the chocolates.  I pointed out the cozy, and she was really happy.  (She’s the one who still tells me about using the wash cloths I’d made last year).  I felt bad downsizing the gifts (the handmade portion) but now that Henri’s in the daycare too, there are 5 people to make for, not just 3.  Each class has 2 teachers, plus there is the daycare owner. 

I feel like the blog has been missing some cute faces lately, so here are some recent photos of my favorite little people.

This was Henri about a week ago, on the night we moved them into the same room.  He was being silly and we had a rousing game of “Where’s Henri?” under the blinds.

That has since failed, by the way.  I had moved Henri back into his crib while he’d had a gastro/ear infection, and then on Monday we tried to put them back together, but after an hour of crying to have me with him I put Henri back in his crib and he lay down and fell asleep right away.  Tuesday night I tried again and when he wouldn’t calm down without me there I flat-out asked him where he wanted to sleep, and he said his crib.  We’ll still let them play in their room, and do story time before bed, and keep offering Henri the bed…but until he’s ready (or climbs out) we’ll let him stay in his crib.  I have to remember that he’s not even 2 yet, and unlike Jakob, who kept asking for a bed…which was a relief ‘cus we needed the crib for Henri…my little guy still prefers a crib.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  (Actually, selfishly, it’s much, much easier on me.)

Here’s Jakob this morning.  He looked so cute with his bangs fallen down (he usually pushes them back) and his rosy cheeks and little grin that I made him pose for me.  Ok so maybe I’m biased but I can’t believe what a handsome little boy he is!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “2010-12-23

  1. Very cute cozies! I hear you on the teachers gifts. Sean has 3 teachers and Mack has 2. Then we have the daycare coordinator too. That is awesome they love your handmade gifts though. Some people just don’t appreciate them.

    Henri will go into a big boy bed in Jakob’s room when he is ready. You just might have to be patient.


  2. I like your mug cozy! So many of the patterns I’ve seen don’t work with a handle, or are too fussy (buttons?!). I might just make some of these!


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