knitting while impaired


I have another post in draft mode, all ready with photos and just waiting for the text.  I was going to try to work on it tomorrow, but tonight I found such a silly mistake in my knitting that I had to pre-empt myself to share it with you.

While on leave from work I decided to do some knitting for the boys.  First I got out Jakob’s mitered square blankie and rummaged through the sock yarn stash until I found the ends and bits of the same colors, and then used them in Henri’s so they would have the matching colors.

The photo below shows the order.  While Jakob’s blankie is mitered squares, Henri’s is garter squares that meander around in a big spiral from the center. 

I picked it up and began square #6, and by working on it off-and-on, along with a long car ride to and from Toronto last weekend, managed to get 26 squares done.  The big blue area is to match the same one in Jakob’s blanket.

Now that Henri’s is underway, I wanted to work on Jakob’s for a bit.  Almost all of the diamonds and triangles were already done.  Yesterday I did the red and black square between the pink and the large blue one.  I knew that today I’d have some knitting time at the hospital, because I had my pre-op appointment for my tonsillectomy.  I wanted to be able to just grab the knitting and go, in case I had to keep putting it down, so I decided to cast on last night before going to bed and get the next diamond ready for today.

I chose the Toasted Almond sock yarn from the last pair of socks I knit for myself, and thought I was being really clever in working one of the side diamonds.

Not so clever after all.  Only after I finished the diamond tonight did I realize that this diamond has no place being where it is!  D’oh!

The lesson here is two-fold: 1. always double-check your work when knitting on painkillers, and 2. if you rush to get something done before bed, you’ll probably regret it in the morning.

And on that note…off to rip…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “knitting while impaired

  1. That sucks!!!

    They do look gorgeous though, when should they be finished, or is that a silly question?


  2. Looking good Jenn! I gave up on the blanket a long time ago, and am crocheting squares now instead (time saver!)

    D’oh! (The black triangle!)

    How large do you plan to make them?


  3. i tend to make mistakes in knitting when tired too….and the occasional tipsy knitting (the equivalent of knitting on painkillers, i imagine) is usually a highly unsuccessful endeavor. glad to hear recovery is coming… hope you are feeling better each day. 🙂 a


  4. At least you can rip back. Unlike, say, when you spot a big honking mistake whilst blocking your brand new rectangular stole that took you months to finish and had 664 stitches on the border…


  5. Reminds me of a post I just wrote…but it wasn’t about a mistake of mine in specific, just my response to seeing someone post a lovely shawl with a huge mistake.
    Could you just fold it back and stitch it down? For a child, I’d think about it, but for myself, or a gift…rip!
    Another surgery? Wow. I’ve been wondering about my toncils as I have chronic enlarged lymph nodes. But I read that the surgery is REALLY awful for adults 😦 Hope you recover easily (takes extra doses of vitamins before surgery to get your system strong!). 🙂


  6. The blankets are lovely (and quite impressive), so don’t feel too bad about this one small mistake. I have been doing much more idiotic stuff than that lately. Yesterday I spilled half my lunch because I put it in front of the microwave and then pushed the button to pop open the microwave door. (Yes, the rules of physics would dictate that an opening door will shove your lunch onto the floor; my 2-year-old could probably have figured that out). I am blaming baby brain. 😉

    I can’t believe you need another surgery. It just seems unfair, really. I sincerely hope that these surgeries/medical treatments leave you and the whole family much healthier.


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