It’s Friday now, and there’s not much more to report.  I’m surprised that I’m not already starting to feel better, and I have to keep reminding myself that after each boy was born, I was in the hospital for 4 days and only came home in the afternoon of the 4th day, so now is only about the time I would have come home from the hospital.  And I would have a newborn to care for, to distract me and to take up all my attention.  Between the baby and the cooing and cuddling and nursing and diapers and the snatches of the second or two of sleep you can grab, no wonder I don’t remember much about the pain of the surgery itself after each child was born.

I’m sleeping a lot more than I had expected to.  The pain pills are tricky- I can take 1 or 2 every 4 hours; when I take 1 it barely numbs the edge of the pain, but if I take 2 it knocks me out within minutes.  I’m trying to eat enough to not get any side effects, but I still have to take 12-hr Gravol twice a day and I’m still having dizzy/nausea spells.

Wednesday night I was able to watch tv for the first time and caught up on some America’s Got Talent with Yannick.  One hour was enough for me, and it was back up to bed.  Yesterday hit me hard with 2 dizzy spells, and the only thing that makes them pass is to sleep it off, so that’s pretty much all I did.  I took off the bandages for the first time so I could shower, and had two surprises when first  a few spots started bleeding (scaring the crap out of me…but I think it was just a scab that got pulled off with the bandage) and then noticing that I had 18 STAPLES!  The nurses had told me I didn’t need anyone to come take staples out, like I’d had done on the 5th day post-babies, because I didn’t HAVE any staples.  They said it was all stitches, and it would be fine to wait until I see the surgeon for a follow-up next Thurs (10th day post-op).  Well huh- 18 shiny staples, all in a row.  Fun…

I leave you with this photo of Jakob from Sunday night.  Apparently he did the hair pomade thing himself.  🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “friday

  1. Love Jakob’s hair! Sean likes to do that same thing to his too – and when he does, I know it’s haircut time (which it is for my boys!)

    Hope you feel better soon… sounds like a rougher recovery than you were hoping for. I also see what you mean about baby distracting you from the pain. Hopefully you’ll start feeling better without having to keep taking nausea medication as well.


  2. Yup, babies are usually quite the distraction. Everything was so crazy when maxime was born (NICU for him, then gastro for the entire family when we got home) that I barely noticed the pain. I didn’t really have time for it! Will you be OK for Rhinebeck, do you think?


  3. I hope you bounce back very soon. This may be a silly question, but can you take a pill and a half? If not, I would go for two pills and get knocked out. They say you heal more quickly when you are sleeping.




  4. What a cutie! Love the hair!

    Sorry about the staples confusion. Sounds like the doctor and nurses to communicate a bit better. I hope your recovery starts to speed up!


  5. Love the hair!
    I remember after I had surgery, I was supposed to get staples out at 7 days, but it couldn’t be arranged until day 10, and by then, I was healing over them 😦 I hope the removal went well for you and you feel a lot better after this past week.


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