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The good news is that the sock is still progressing quite fast.  I’m about 12 rows away from the toe decreases, but am stopping for the night ‘cus I’m too tired to continue.

The bad news is that by the time I picked Jakob up from daycare he was really burning up.  He was so lethargic that when I took him out of his car seat at home, his eyes were unfocused and glassy, and when he laid his head on my shoulder he never raised it once until we got up to his room, not even during taking off his coat or mine or anything.  He’s never been like that before, and I decided immediately that I was not going to make him stay up and eat supper.  There’d be no point- he’d be passing out in the high chair, and why would I make him stay up the extra half hour and force food into him when sleep would do him more good?

Instead I brought him up to bed right away and gave him some extra milk to keep him from being hungry over night.  He got some Tempra too, and I put on the humidifier because his nose and eyes were running and he had an occassional dry cough.  The worst is the fever- I could barely stand to touch him because he was so hot!  At bedtime his fever had risen to 103.4 F, which is the highest he’s ever had.  He’s definitely not going to daycare tomorrow, and I’ll determine in the morning if we need to visit the doctor.  His (amazing) doctor’s office has late and emergency hours, plus a full clinic with access to his file.  I called them before putting him to bed and they said it would be ok to see how he is in the morning, and that it’s not so much the high fever that is a risk in kids, but how suddenly it comes on.  The Tempra would help to lower the fever so if he were able to sleep over night it would be good for him.  Luckily so far he’s been sleeping pretty soundly, with only the occassional whimper or cough.  I just went in and changed his diaper and refilled the humidifier, so hopefully he’ll be comfortable enough to sleep straight through the rest of the night without waking up.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “update to last post

  1. Feel better Jakob.

    When I took Sean last year to the Children’s when I thought 103.4 fever was high – they laughed. Apparently they’re only concerned after 104 point something. Kids body temps get higher than adults and it’s not deadly.


  2. Awww, poor little guy. I’m glad your doctor’s office is so “available”. Give him an extra hug from me!


  3. I hope Jakob gets better soon!
    I just want let you know that is the past few days I’ve been to 5 Starbucks and in 4 of the stores, I’ve been stopped because people were admirine the KAT-TUN doll I have pinned to my bag. Thank you again for them ^_^. My Mother want’s me to knit one for her but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know who they are…….if they go missing I’ll know where to look.


  4. Poor baby! Wow, I wish our health care system worked that well. I went to our after hours clinic and they missed an ear infection in RJ and misdiagnosed me with a sinus infection.


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