and so it begins…


I just got my first phone call home from daycare.  They noticed Jakob’s eyes looked glassy after his nap so they took his temperature, and it’s 100.4 F.  It’s not superhigh, but it’s high enough to warrant a call and to ask if I want them to give him Tempra.  (I don’t- his bedtime is in less than 3 hours and the Tempra dosage is every 4, so I’d rather give him a dose before bed).  It turns out 100.4-ish is their cutoff for keeping a child home, so if he is still feverish in the morning then he won’t be able to go in.  Luckily my mom is retired now so if I do have to keep him home, I’ll bring him to work with me in the morning and my mom will pick him up at lunch time after her hair appointment, and she’ll watch him for the afternoon. 

I’m glad it was easy to find a solution but I sure wish he hadn’t gotten sick now, since yesterday and today were the best 2 days he’s had at daycare so far.  He cried when Yannick dropped him off yesterday, but apparently was cheerful, playful and in a great mood the rest of the day.  This morning he didn’t cry when I dropped him off, and other than having a fever, they said he’s been wonderful today too.  I really hope to not have to keep him home tomorrow, and possibly set back his progress, because I already have to keep him home this coming Friday for an appointment we have in town.

Ever have a knitting project that seems to go so slowly, and yet, so fast?  The Queen of Cups socks are like that.  I started over with the smaller needle size, and the size I’m getting is perfect.  I did the ribbing and 18 rows of the leg, and then couldn’t bring myself to touch it again all weekend.  I don’t know what’s come over me (baby?!) but most nights I have to force myself to pick up the needles.  Once I do- I whiz along.  But the motivation to pick up the project isn’t there. 

Yesterday I kept dreading picking it up to work on, because I kept imagining it would go slowly.  And yet- while knitting wasn’t the only thing I did yesterday – I also washed, dried, folded and put away 3 loads of laundry- including Jakob’s laundry basket which should count as 2 because a full basket of tiny clothes takes forFREAKINGever to fold, made guacamole and Greek salad, tidied up, visited Maaike and her brand-new, adorable son Gabriel, and showered – I still managed to knit through the leg, the heel flap, turn the heel, and am about 3/4 through the gusset decreases.  Tonight Yannick has bowling and Jakob goes to bed at 7…which means the socks and I have a 3 hour couch date with Greg, Peter and Elliot (or Cyrus , Patrick and Eli, depending on which lineup I choose to watch and which to tape).  What do you think the odds are that I can have a completed sock before bed?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. I had a set back with Sean the first week or two of daycare with him being sick. Darn daycare – kids go and come home sick! Hope Jakob feels better soon!


  2. I feel your pain. RJ has been sick almost constantly since she started daycare, including 3 ear infections and pink eye. Ugh! I hope Jakob feels better soon.


  3. I’m telling you, kids KNOW when it’s the worst possible time for them to get sick, when you’re counting on daycare to be able to pick up some of the slack. That’s usually when the fit hits the shan.


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