6 thoughts on “ok i’m starting to panic

  1. LOL better get that husband of yours cracking!!!


  2. It’s still 2008 – baby isn’t due to arrive until 2009 – so you still have some time! But as Amy says – get that husband of yours working! LOL


  3. Take a deep breath, and just concentrate on #10. That’s the only one that really matters!


  4. The last one is the one that matters most! Baby doesn’t need a crib, doesn’t need a ‘decorated’ room (our ‘nursery’ was dijon mustard coloured and still housed the computer for almost two years), doesn’t need more than a few sleepers as long as he/she has you.
    Nine weeks? When did that happen? LOL. Last I read you were about 20-24 weeks so in my mind you’ve stayed at that point, LOL!


  5. Once you have the baby, people will come out of the woodwork to help so perhaps any lingering tasks can wait till then?


  6. Hahaha!!!! I’ll just start calling you Cleopatra (queen of DeNial) from now on, shall I?

    I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Maxime. I painted his room (by myself) at 36 weeks!


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