happy mother’s day!


To start this post off, let me wish a huge HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! to all the moms, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, foster mothers, and anyone else who raises, takes care of or in any way helps shape the life of a child. We rock!

Here’s Mommy with Jakob at 50 weeks (not this past week’s photo, but the one before).

I still haven’t uploaded the photos from my camera from last week, and my head is still in a fog. Sorry!

I have been knitting like mad, but can’t show any of it. See, I’m designing the sock for Robyn’s Robyn’s Nest June Sock Club Kit, and while it is going very well, it is a surprise. I still like my original design, but I came to realize that while many people might say “hey- that’s cool”, very few would actually want to knit it…or at least they’d want to knit it, but it wouldn’t be the kind of sock they’d want to wear. So I pored over my design books and was inspired by a little stitch pattern in a book by someone you might have heard of. Barbara Walker? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I’ve been crunching more numbers than food this week, but things are starting to take shape, and I’m really pleased with the progress so far.

I can’t believe the kit is almost sold out! No pressure, or anything… 🙂

I do have some knitting that I can share, however.

Here’s the finished Marble Cabled Cardigan.

I’m really happy with how it came out. I knit the 1-2 year old size, and since Jakob is slim, I’m sure he’ll get to wear it even until next Fall.
Yannick chose the pattern when I told him I wanted to knit something with this particular Marble colorway. He also chose the buttons.
They are adorable, but a little heavy for the light sweater. I might have to change them.

Details: (from memory- so forgive any mistakes) The pattern is a pamphlet designed for the actual yarn. Needles are downstairs but I think I used a 4mm for the body and 3.25 for the ribbing.

Modifications: I reversed the cable on one side of the band so they would mirror each other instead of both leaning in the same direction. I didn’t do the hood, and did a simple ribbed collar instead. I did a one-row buttonhole instead of binding off in one row and casting on in the next. I’m pretty sure there was something else I changed but I don’t remember now.

Here’s a photo I’ve been wanting to take for almost a year.

Isn’t that cute??? I’d taken a photo of Yannick’s Mega Sock (Mega Boots Stretch yarn) next to the baby version I made for Jakob, but I always wanted to get a photo of my two boys IN their matching sock. I finally got one, and I LOVE this photo.

I leave you with a question…

My dad is trying to convince me to get these glasses for myself.

What does we thinks?

Does we likes? I really like the sides of the frame, and the side view. I’m scared to commit!
I think they’re too wide from my eyeball to my temple, but I do have a large head, and frames that fit nicely around my eye have the frame’s temple stretched sideways to go off to my ear.

So? I’ve taken the lenses out of the frame since these photos were taken, so I can take photos without the glare or designer name on the lenses, if necessary.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

7 thoughts on “happy mother’s day!

  1. I’d have to see the glasses in person before telling you my opinion! I’m coming to the knitting guild on Tuesday and WI knits on Thursday, hopefully you’ll be there!


  2. Hi,

    From the photos, I’d agree with you that they’re just a little too wide, but maybe in person they would look better. I do like the sides though, very stylish.

    Does this mean that you’ll start wearing glasses more often?


  3. One more time! I SAID, I think the frames are a bit too dark for a “cough!” natural blonde. But then, I’ve been wearing the same dinky pair of glasses for over 10 years, so what the heck to I know?


  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    Jakob’s sweater looks great! I’m sad that you think the buttons won’t work, since they look really adorable.

    Overall, I think the glasses look nice. I do think the they are a little wide in proportion to their height. Does that make sense?


  5. Oh, I forgot to mention that I love the sock photo. It is so cute!


  6. I think the glasses are cute. The side of that frame is great. I say go for it.


  7. Happy Mother’s Day Jenn!!!! Hope it was a good one

    I love the picture of Jakob holding yuor face – it is too cute!!

    The glasses are cute although I agree wit Robz, would have to see them in person!


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