getting there…


I’m working on feeling better, thank you all so much for the well-wishes. Turns out that Jakob and I have been giving each other the same cold, only I haven’t treated mine as well as I’ve treated his, so mine turned into a sinus infection. Blech. I’ve been sleeping as much as possible, which is why I haven’t been posting. I’ve actually been in bed by 10:30/11 every night- crazy, I know. I also took Tuesday off work and sent Jakob to my sister for the day so I could sleep, which is the reason I think I’m feeling better. It’s a viral infection, so I can’t really take anything for it. Blargh.

So what do I owe you?

-last week’s Thursday photo
-today’s Thursday photo
-the rest of the WEBS trip & stash flashing
-a photo of the cutest daddy & baby knits
-talk of what I’ve been working on

Anything I’m missing?

Author: Jennifer Lori

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3 thoughts on “getting there…

  1. Sinus infections are pure misery, but there IS something you can do for it. Irrigate your nose and sinuses w/ saline. I usually just dissolve 1/2 tsp kitchen salt in 1-2 cups of hot water, let cool, then irrigate. Some people use a neti pot, but I don’t have one of those, so I put a straw into the cup of saline, put my finger over the top to trap the liquid that’s inside the straw, put the other end into my nose, tilt head back and to one side, stick my tongue up toward the roof and back of my mouth, then take my finger off the end of the straw to release the saline. Swish it all around in there, lean forward over a sink, blow nose, repeat multiple times, both sides, as many times a day as you can stand it. This soothes the tissues, decreases inflammation, helps to clear out the gunk, and changes the pH so the infection can’t continue. I swear, I thought I would rather die the first time I had a sinus infection and within 24 hours I was 90% better. It may be too late to make much of a diff. for you this time, but hopefully it’ll help if it happens in the future. Feel better soon!


  2. Photos of the Green Boogers of Doom. LOL!!!


  3. I hope you are continuing to feel better. 😦 Be sure to continue to rest.


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