what a bad blogger i am

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I know, I know. I haven’t posted in about a week. I don’t really have an excuse, except the following excuses:

1- Monday through Thursday general: I’ve been knitting some stuff for hire, and couldn’t blog about it, nor post photos of it. Let’s call it Torch.
2- Tuesday specific: went to the hall where the wedding will be and finalized stuff with them. Stayed there late, had a late dinner after, then crashed.
3- Wednesday specific: didn’t work as I had a last dress fitting at 11:30am, then went to the jeweler about my ring and some jewelry, then to the place that is doing the flowers and decor.
4- Thursday night: way too darn tired to even knit, much less think or talk or type about knitting.
5- Friday night: don’t even remember what I did Friday. Oh yeah, went with Yannick to see the minister who is marrying us. Finalized some stuff for our ceremony, which we wrote ourselves. (Not the vows. The entire ceremony).
6- Saturday: went for my hair appointment at 8:30am until 12:30pm. 4 hours to do the color for the wedding. Then went for a manicure, just ‘cus. Then Yannick came home and made dinner, then went back to work at my mom’s, so I stayed home, watched some TV and crashed again. Worked on the Harlequin Baby Blanket at the hair dresser. Too lazy to take or post a photo.
7- Sunday: Got up lazily while Yannick went to quote on a job, and watched about 3/4 of the movie Garden State while knitting the Harlequin. I had to stop because Yannick picked me up for a late lunch, as we had to go over what stuff to do before the wedding and before the honeymoon. Had a late dinner too, then watched Scary Movie 4 before passing out on the couch during the special features and having to drag my butt upstairs to bed.
8- Monday: didn’t go to work as I bought myself a new car! Yes, I got a new car. I love it, but will blog about it later because a) I’m tired. b) I haven’t eaten supper yet. c) I need something to blog about tomorrow. 🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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