old port and alligator

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Yesterday Yannick and I went to the Old Port of Montreal for the afternoon. We had such a fun time going around and visiting the exhibitions. We went through the Science Center but while there was some cool stuff to see, it was mostly geared towards kids. I remember the Toronto Science Center being cooler. We went to the Imax and saw Deep Sea 3D which was AMAZING. It was a 40 minute, 3D view into the underwater lifeforms deep in the oceans. When we left there we ran into an old friend from my B’Nai Brith/USY days who now is married, pregnant and lives in the West Island.

From there we went to the promenades and walked around, and watched one of the street performers put on a 30 minute show involving many jokes, a unicycle, juggling, fire, tape and children. Very original and very funny. He performs a few times a night so if you are in the area and see a crowd forming, please go watch, he’s well worth the time. After the show we went to do the Shed 16 Labyrinth (which bugs me because a Labyrinth has only 1 way in and 1 way out…whereas the Shed 16 attraction is a maze) and were determined to beat the average time for getting in and out of the maze, which is suggested as 60-90 minutes. Once inside, you have to go around and find different rooms with clues to the final code, and along the way you have to deal with the maze itself, weird floors to walk on, some walls that are all like seatbelts hanging down, some corridors that are all sandbags to navigate, and many forks in the path that you have to climb through a jungle-gym of elastic ropes before you can pass. Do NOT do this if you have a bad back or knees, as you will never get through. The guy at the end couldn’t believe that we did it in 30 minutes, but I have to say, Yannick has a really good sense of direction.

We were going to go to Ma’s, a Caribbean restaurant on Sherbrooke O, but when we got there it was 8:30pm and it had closed at 8pm. So we started walking down the street looking for a new place to try, and found La Louisianne. We’d never been there, but anywhere that has Sweet Potato Fries is a place I’d try! Oh my it is now one of my favorite places to eat! We sat on the terrasse and enjoyed some amazing Cajun food. We shared an appetizer of alligator- I ATE ALLIGATOR. And LOVED it!!! Did you ever eat calamari, and enjoy the flavor (with garlic and spices and stuff) but swallow it right away because the texture is really chewy? Well, picture the same kind of taste, but with a texture like chicken. In fact, if I didn’t know it was alligator, I would have sworn it was seasoned chicken. Delicious, I’d go back for that in a second. I made my meal of appetizers, and had the Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Mayo (oh my god good), Red Bean Soup (good, but I don’t need it again), and Grilled Vegetable Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette (self-explanitory, and delicious). Yannick had the Crawfish Ettouffe, and he adored it. I can’t wait to go back and try the crab cakes, they looked delicious too.

After dinner we watched the rest of the Jerry Springer Opera. Wow. Um. Weird.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Hey, just a little note to say hey! I know you’re probabl waist deep in wedding stuff so I just wanted to wish you good luck with the prep!!!!



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