again with the no posting?

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I know I’m slacking off. I’m running around trying to get the house cleaned up for the cake & coffee we’re hosting after the rehearsal next week, Y keeps going up north then coming back then going and driving me nuts, there were car issues to deal with and I’m just generally exhausted.

I can’t believe I’m getting married next weekend!

I don’t have photos of the car, but I got a ’98 Malibu. It’s in great condition, no body work to be done but minor (tres minor) rust spots. Didn’t know until AFTER we bought it, took it for a car wash and filled up the tank that the gas tank was rotted and started oozing gas right away. In 30 hours I lost 3/4 of a tank of gas! Luckily the dealership honored that we didn’t know about the problem before purchase, and they replaced the tank (the actual tank, not the gas) for me free of charge. So now the car is great and I’m loving riding around in it. I’m loving having cupholders(!!!) and that it has a tape player and not just CD because the audio book section at the library is 90% on tape and I can now get a zillion more books to listen to. Yes, I did just say that I prefer my ’98 to my ’87 because I now have cupholders and a tape player. LOL. But I will miss my Celebrity big time, she was my first car and I love her!

I’m rushing to finish the Harlequin blanket before next week. I’m 1/4 of the way through the last group of 3 blocks, then just one block after that and crocheting the border.

Since I have no images of the car to post, nor of the knitting, I’ll put up one of me as a kid. Enjoy!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “again with the no posting?

  1. OMG you’re getting married next week! I can’t wait to see pics!


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