baby shower, jerry springer- the musical and bon cop, bad cop


Yesterday afternoon Yannick and I attended a surprise baby shower for his cousin Rene and Vivianne. It’s always fun when we get together with them, because most summers they hold an “epluchette” (my apologies to the French language for mangling the spelling of that word). I didn’t know what it was until the first one I went to. Basically you gather all your family and friends, camp out on someone’s property with tables and lawn chairs and drinks, get a few barbecues going, and boil up as many corn-on-the-cobs as you can buy. Yesterday we were around 100 people, so if you figure about 2-to-4 cobs per person…that’s a LOT of corn! Once the corn is going, the other barbecues fire up some hotdogs and hamburgers, plus there were salads and veggies and chips and stuff. At the last one there was music, this time there wasn’t.

It was held out in Les Cedres and one of Vivianne’s relative’s homes. It was a gorgeous property, with beautiful landscaping and bordering really lush corn fields. The entire area around there was gorgeous.

On the way down I couldn’t help noticing the sky, and since I’d brought our camera with, I snapped a few photos. They don’t even do it justice, the sky really was breathtaking yesterday.

This last one makes me feel like you can crop out the land and put the words “The Simpsons” up in the clouds. 😉

We got there around 4pm, and left around 7:30pm when they were opening presents. There was a huge pile of gifts because everyone there had chipped in and the money collected was used to purchase tons of stuff for the parents-to-be. I had brought with the pink sweater and booties that I’d knit for them, but since no one else walked in with an individual gift, I left it in the car. I’ll bring it to them once Élodie is born.

I didn’t ask his family’s permission to post photos of them online, so I won’t. But I did take a cool one of Yannick with two of his nephews, and since you can’t really make them out I think it will be ok if I post it here.

He took turns taking each kid by the hands and swinging them around in circles. The younger two he did at the same time, and I love how this photo catches them completely in the air.
When we got home we went to the cinema-Montreal website to see if there were any movies playing that we wanted to see. We decided to go to Bon Cop, Bad Cop. While waiting until it was time to leave, we watched a bit of TV. There was something starting on Bravo that I hadn’t heard of, so I set it to tape but we watched the opening 20 minutes- a musical theater version of The Jerry Springer Show. WTF??? Who thought this would be a good idea? It was really funny, but the strangest musical I have ever seen!

Bon Cop, Bad Cop was a great, great, great, GREAT movie. Definately one I want to own. It is about 40% in French, but don’t let that deter anyone from going because there are subtitles, and it doesn’t go too fast. I preferred listening to the French dialogue rather than reading the subtitles, because not everything translates smoothly and it was much funnier in French. What a hysterical movie! It’s supposed to be a cop thriller, but there were so many truisms and so much humor injected that really there is hardly a minute that goes by when you’re not laughing at something.

To sum up the premise, a killer is on the loose, and when a body is found half in Ontario and half in Quebec (don’t ask!) a cop from each province is assigned to work together. The scenes in Montreal take place mostly in French (with much swearing) and the ones in Toronto are in English. Patrick Huard and Colm Feore are brilliant together, and I really hope this becomes a series, much like the Lethal Weapon series. The serial killer’s motives are a bit unrealistic, but it doesn’t matter because the movie is so much fun.

And let me just say how much I love seeing Montreal onscreen when it is actually protraying MONTREAL! Too often our fair city is used to represent places all over the world- it is so refreshing to recognize an area and- lo and behold- it is actually supposed to be THAT AREA. There is a scene that takes place at Spurs, a country-western bar near my work. I love watching the movie and going “hey, I know that place!” Other scenes took place on Mount Royal, on our highways, at the Old Port and more.

And for a Canadian movie on a Saturday night- the place was PACKED. It started at 9:50pm, we got there at 9:45pm and barely found seats. People were coming in all through the previews and had to split up. Most of the audience was French but I really hope this movie finds a foothold with English audiences too, because it really was great.

Author: Jennifer Lori

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2 thoughts on “baby shower, jerry springer- the musical and bon cop, bad cop

  1. I often see Simpsons clouds in the sky. Happy to hear I’m not the only one. 😉

    Thanks for your review of Bon Cop, Bad Cop I’m really hoping to go see it.


  2. Incredible pictures of the sky!

    Sounds like a lovely day!


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