OD on Pictures Day


First of all, here’s Sam. He’s our little boy, our sweetheart, our “furry child”.
He’s also feeling kinda left out since we left him home alone when we went off to TO and we barely put pics of him on here. S0 here he is.

This is what I’ll be working on tonight. I volunteered to my LYS that I would be available for doing finishing work if they ever had any clients who don’t like to finish their knits. Turns out they have a number of clients who don’t like the finishing process. This is the first “job” I took on, I’ll see how this goes (finishing someone else’s stuff, not knowing if or what errors they’ve made) then decide if I take more on. I need to rip the collar then undo the 3ndl BO on one of the shoulders since it was supposed to have been left open and closed with buttons. Then I need to pick up sts and reknit the collar, only open this time instead of in the round. Then seam the sides and sleeves.

Ok, this is for those of you who say there are never any pics of me on here. Voila- a gazillion.
This is a collage my mom made for the party last night.

Let’s all pretend that we don’t see the dance photo.

This is the progress so far on the Comfort Clapotis. I’ve included my glasses (yes, I wear. I just live in my contact lenses) for scale. I know I still have quite a bit to go on, but luckily the intended recipient has left the hospital and seems to be doing well, so maybe this will turn out to be a Celebratory Clapotis instead of a Comfort one.

This is some additions to my stash, thanks to the lovely and talented Veronik. She sent along some odds and ends with Mona to the last Wednesday knitting meetup, and we got to pick and choose what we wanted. We were like vultures I tell you, vultures! The blue wool will end up as clogs unless I can think of something else, the reddish stuff will become a short-rowed hat, and the purples will definately become a scarf for me. It’s nice and thick and skwooshy. (Can someone please tell me how to spell skwooshy? Not squishy…skwooshy.)
Ok, this last shot is for me, but I’m putting it here anyways. I don’t have any photos of last night yet but I really like how Sarah did my hair (from St-Laurent Coiffure on Decarie) and I’m really impressed that it still looked cute even today (don’t say ewww, I’m washing it tonight) when I was too lazy to pull out all the bobby pins last night. This doesn’t really do it justice ‘cus you can’t see the back, but Yannick’s not home and my arms aren’t long enough, and figuring out the timer thing on my camera just to take a pic of the back of my head when no one out there even reads my blog or cares what the back of my head looks like is way too much effort when I have better things to do.

So to Robbie and Jason, if you’re reading this, here are pics of me. You’re probably not but you’re the only two who complain that there are no pics of me, so here they are. To everyone else, more on the party at another point…I’ve got knitting to do.

To Snarsh…who are you? Do you have a blog? I’m so curious!

And yes, the answer to Friday night’s question is: they forgot Canada. Seriously. Entire country. Doesn’t exist. Who knew?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “OD on Pictures Day

  1. Jenn, its Angela.

    Yes technically I have a blog, but I’m off the unfortunate type who is really really horrible at updating blogs (this is my second attempt). I’m just not the writing type.

    Also the fact that I don’t have a digital camera sucks. Since I would want to talk about specific stuff.

    Anyway, so yeah Snarsh=Angela its been that way since highschool.


  2. Hey, nice pic of you! I hope your party was fun! I understand the bobbypin thing, I went through the same thing last time I got my hair done…sooooo many pins and SOOOO much hairspray…


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