Highlights from Toronto

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Getting into Mike’s car with 5 hours of knitting/travel time ahead of me and realizing, right at the exact moment I pull the Comfort Shawl out of my bag that it really wants to be a Clapotis. And that I don’t have the pattern with me. Luckily I had a sock to work on.
Laura: Look at all the ducks!
Yannick: Those aren’t ducks.
Laura: What are they?
Yannick: They’re “arondeles”.
Laura: English please?
Mike: “Onion rings”.
Laura: I used to be afraid of blowing my nose.
Playing 8,000,000,000 rounds of the “movie” game, where you name an actor/actress and go around the circle naming movies that person has been in. Last one who can name one wins.
Mike (trying to remember the title of a movie): Oh come on…I can see her…with another actor…and they’re…acting…
Laura: I feel like we’re driving to Toronto.
Me: Um, we are driving to Toronto.
Laura: What? No, I meant I feel like we’re driving to Florida.
Laura: They added something to the Doritos and they’re too spicy.
Mike: Spice?
(the actor just named for the movie game is Sylvester Stallone)
Laura: Rocky
Me: Rocky 2
Mike: Rocky 3
Yannick: Rocky 4
Laura: I don’t know how many there are!
Laura: I used to think the Boy Scouts were something that was invented for movies.
(the actor just named for the movie game is Keanu Reeves)
Mike, Yannick and Laura take their turns.
Me: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Laura: huh?
Mike, Yannick and Laura take their next turns.
Me: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
Laura: What are these words?
Getting to Toronto and having our wonderful house-host let me use his computer to print off the Clapotis pattern, then not staring while I sat in the stairwell and ripped out the entire Comfort Shawl, henceforth to be known as the Comfort Clapotis.
Playing pool (horribly) with Mike while Jonny jammed on his guitar.
The bar mitzvah in the morning and seeing a lot of family I haven’t seen in a while.
Relaxing at Miriam’s in the afternoon with most of my family sound asleep (and Mike waking up in a Japanese bamboo hat).
The “out of towner’s” dinner at a local hotel that had the Swollen Members’ tour bus outside.
(I forgot to take a picture and it was gone when we left).
Also: my 9 year old cousin running around all night saying “I think the Swollen Members are here somewhere.”
Hanging out by the pool table knitting the Comfort Clapotis.
(Laura, me, cousin Lindsay)
Group photo!

cousin Lindsay (TO), Aaron, (front) Mike (back) cousin Jonny (MTL), me, Yannick, cousin Neil (TO), Laura
What’s that on my shoulders? Oh yes, it’s my Tasha Tudor shawl!
Gotta love Noro!

The party Sunday which had an entire casino themed for kids…blackjack and poker tables and the coolest kid-friendly hors d’oevres: mini cupcakes (like the size of a loony), latkas (potato pancakes), and individual spoons of Mac ‘n Cheese. To top it all off: dessert was an ice cream bar!

The happy couple at the hotel.
By the time it was too dark to knit on the way home Sunday night I’d finished reknitting everything I’d ripped from the Comfort Shawl cum Clapotis and was actually able to do a few rows of straight progress. Woo hoo!
Got home at night to a very hungry/affectionate/indifferent cat, our home, and our bed.
It was fun to be away, but it’s always nice to be back home.

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