I Need To Sit Down


So over the weekend Yannick and I were talking about how we might like to move after the wedding. We were also talking about our honeymoon, which we plan on taking in Scotland. I joked to my mom that the whole reason for choosing Scotland was for the yarn…that I’d be smuggling a sheep home in my luggage.
My mom glared at Yannick and said “You’re not letting her bring a sheep home.”
Yannick: It’s not such a bad idea.
Me: I was kidding, both of you.
Yannick: Actually, it’s not a bad idea.
Me: You said you wanted to buy a rental property. We can’t have sheep in an apartment.
Yannick: Actually, I was thinking of buying a farm.
Me: We’d live on a farm?
Yannick: Yeah, and you’d get some sheep.
Me: We’re going to raise sheep?
Yannick: Why not?
Me: I know people who spin, don’t say this if you’re not serious!
Yannick: I am serious.

Hmm….I see spinning in my future.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “I Need To Sit Down

  1. Ooooh!!!!!!!! I like the sound of that? But where you going to buy a farm? You’ll live not so close anymore 😦


  2. Can I call for a friendly discount on handspun??????? πŸ˜€


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