guild sock contest winners!

How exciting!  We had a guild contest tonight- members were invited to submit socks into different categories, and then a special guest would be voting for the winners.  I decided to submit my Phlox Socks (Ravelry) and my Screwball Socks (Ravelry) but I didn’t get my hopes up because I don’t have sock blockers, and to be honest, both pairs look pretty crappy just laying flat on the table.  The lace from Phlox and the tread from Screwball both need a foot inside to show off properly, but I put them with my entry forms anyways, just for fun.

Our special guest judge was none other than Kate Gilbert.  Yes, the Kate Gilbert of Clapotis (Ravelry) and Twist Collective fame.  She comes to the meetings from time to time, and it was great to see her there tonight.

When they announced the winners they started with the Members’ Choice.  Anyone who wanted to was able to vote for socks into one of two categories- Members’ Choice – Classic, and Members’ Choice – Fun & Funky.  I actually voted for my cousin Robyn’s Mathematical Equation socks (Ravelry) for the Fun & Funky category.  I was SHOCKED when my Phlox Socks won for Members’ Choice – Fun & Funky!  (Especially because I wouldn’t have thought of the lace as “fun & funky”).  I got to pick from a small selection of wrapped prizes, and won 2 balls of sock yarn in soft blues and yellows.  It’s a new yarn for my stash, with 50% wool, 25% bamboo and 25% nylon, and really soft.

I almost wasn’t paying attention at the end, and was just so happy to have won something, when my other pair of socks was held up.  Kate had chosen my Screwball Socks as the winner of the Best Original Design Socks!  I got to pick another prize, and this time my gift bag had a set of point protectors, a really cute notion that I actually don’t own.

I’m really floored to have won a prize for both of my entries, and I honestly don’t know which one I value more- the Members’ Choice one because that means that my fellow knitters and guild members actually liked my socks (all the socks were labelled anonymously, by the way) or the Best Original Design one because Kate, a respected knitware designer, chose it (I hope) because it is actually an interesting and well thought out design. 

I’m really happy about both.  I don’t like to be singled out at guild because I think it is a place for everyone who knits, regardless of skill level or how many techniques you can do or whether you have published designs or not, and I think that everyone there should have fun, be included and be acknowledged.  So I did feel guilty getting up not once, but twice to go and pick prizes.  That being said, however, I do respect the other knitters there, and I’m honored that they liked my designs enough to vote for them.


introducing…Phlox Socks

It’s July 1st, and with that comes two things…

1) It’s Canada Day! (Happy Canada Day)

2) I get to show you the Phlox Socks. So…ta da!

(size small shown above, size x-large shown below)
The Phlox Socks are the pattern I designed for the Robyn’s Nest June Sock Club kit. They feature an optional lace cuff, a flower appliqué with a center bead, a short-row heel and ribbing that flows seamlessly into the lace design. (The ribbing is underneath the lace cuff- so you have the pretty outside and the functional inside).
The pattern is written for sizes small through x-large (7.5″-9″) but due to the stretchability of lace patterns, fits 8.25″-9.75″ and may even fit larger.
The yarn is from Biscotte & Cie (etsy shop here) and is really soft, plus her yardage can’t be beat! I knit one x-large sock and one small, and have enough yarn left over to knit a second x-large sock for a complete pair. The colorway is called Alexandrite in the pattern, but that specific color was exclusive to the sock club.
The pattern calls for a 2.5 mm needle, and is written for both dpns and the Magic Loop method, with specific instructions for each methods when necessary.

(optional flower appliqué with center bead)

Again, the pattern will only be available for sale as of October 1st, but if you email me (or send me a message through Ravelry) I’ll put you on the mailing list with a reminder in October.


by the way…

*I* can’t show you yet what the Phlox Socks look like, but if you want to click here, you can see Stephanie’s lovely pair. Yes, the Yarn Harlot Herself has knit my socks, and made the cutest little modification. Of course, I can’t tell you what the modification is until I can tell you some details about the pattern (July 1st), but feel free to go on over and check hers out. You can also see them on Ravelry if you prefer, hers are here, and the pattern’s page is here.

Now then, this isn’t just the Phlox Socks blog, folks. There has been other knitting going on at Casa Del Jennifer. Yet another Ballband Dishcloth has sprung forth from my needles. I don’t have the photos with me here at work, but I’ll post them here and on Ravelry later tonight, I hope. I’ve finished the green and white one and have begun a pink and white one.

I’ll be leaving work in a little bit to go to Mackenzie’s bris, and it will be a nice little diversion from my day (although I’ll probably enjoy it a lot more than Mackenzie will!). Jakob will get to see his cousins, and I’ll get to have lunch with Yannick for a nice change.


to Anne from the comments

Hi Anne,

I couldn’t email you because your comment wasn’t linked to a profile or email address, so I hope you come back to the blog to look for an answer!

Yes, the yarn and pattern for the Phlox Socks are available seperately. In fact, only the 30 people who bought the June kit got them together. From now on the pattern will be available through me (as of October 1st) and the yarn is available through Biscotte & Cie, the hand-dyer who provided it for the pattern. Although it is called Alexandrite in the pattern, she is selling it as African Violet.


I hope you get your hands on some, it is a great yarn!



Holy cow. My silly little blog jumped from an average of 30 visitors each day to 740(!!!!!!) yesterday! Of those, 693(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of you got here by following a link on the Yarn Harlot’s website.

Wow. And she didn’t even post a photo of the full sock! Y’all came on over based on a teaser!

I’m flattered! I’m also guessing that you’re not here for Jakob, or to find out what I’m knitting now. So here is the information you’re probably looking for:

“Phlox Socks” is the pattern I designed for the Robyn’s Nest June Sock Club Kit. I put a little teaser of my own in the left sidebar over there because I need to give international members a chance to receive their kits before I post the full photo. (Any of you who have received your kits can post photos, by the way. It’s only me who needs to wait). 🙂

I’ll be posting photos and full details of the sock here and at the sock’s page on Ravelry on July 1st.

The pattern will be available for purchase on October 1st. (Sock club members have a short exclusivity on the pattern).

I hope it will be worth the wait!

In other news, I’m still rushing to finish Eden’s shrug. I don’t have a photo to show you, as my camera is packed. After running around to pack up Jakob’s and my stuff last night, I didn’t have the energy to sit down and do any more knitting. I have finished the front ribbing and only have the narrower back ribbing and cuffs to do. I’m sure I can finish them and the seaming in the car, if necessary.

As an aside- why is it that for every trip, even day trips, *I* end up running around like a chicken with no head ticking stuff off of lists to make sure I’ve packed everything for myself and Jakob, food, clothes, toys, etc… while Yannick calmly watches TV or whatever then last minute throws some of his clothes in a bag and calls himself “packed”?

I’m not complaining, really- I’d much rather know that I did the packing so I know everything is there and nothing is missing…but it does irk me a bit when I’m scrambling like mad, staying up really late to get it all done, but meanwhile he goes to bed early.