to Anne from the comments


Hi Anne,

I couldn’t email you because your comment wasn’t linked to a profile or email address, so I hope you come back to the blog to look for an answer!

Yes, the yarn and pattern for the Phlox Socks are available seperately. In fact, only the 30 people who bought the June kit got them together. From now on the pattern will be available through me (as of October 1st) and the yarn is available through Biscotte & Cie, the hand-dyer who provided it for the pattern. Although it is called Alexandrite in the pattern, she is selling it as African Violet.

I hope you get your hands on some, it is a great yarn!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “to Anne from the comments

  1. Ooh, the pattern is beautiful, put me on the list!


  2. The pattern is beautiful and I can’t wait to knit it! I don’t have my kit yet, I told Robyn I don’t need it right away (I’m guessing she’s pretty busy right now!). But I can’t wait to see the yarn!!!


  3. Please put me on the list for notification when this beautiful pattern is available. Thanks.


  4. Squeeeee! I’m so happy for you Jennifer! Looks like everyone loves your pattern (as they should, it’s beautiful).


  5. African Violet and Alexandrite are NOT the same!!!!


  6. The yarn color sounds lovely. Will you be posting that as well?


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