Create This Book June Challenge

It’s going to be a fast one this month – literally! (In fact, it took me longer to create this post than it did to create the page it’s based on).

Every month in 2020 my 11-year-old son Henri and I will be completing a challenge from Moriah Elizabeth‘s Create This Book (vol 1). For January he choose page 163 (create an empty setting), for February it was page 208 (the “food” page), March was page 207 (the “something different” challenge), April was page 23 (the “folds” page), May was page 47 (the “bumpy” page) (links to all previous posts in this series below), and for June he picked the “quick sketches” page on page 39 (of which I completely forgot again to take a “before” blank picture).

This month’s task is to “Create Quick Sketches” – specifically to draw something in 1 minute or less. Henri wanted to draw Peely, one of his favorite Fortnite skins.

What an appealing fella.

Specifically, he used this reference image, saying “he’s so cute and derpy!” (Lol)

Here’s his quick sketch:

Full confession- he REALLY underestimated how fast 1 minute really is, and the first time he tried he was going for accuracy and only got as far as an eyeball and maybe one side of the banana. So we let him start over (his big brother Jakob was manning the timer).


I brought my book with me to my mom’s and when about to start I noticed the “repeat” directive that Henri had missed during his attempt, and since I was stuck for ideas I just did some quick sketches of the various parts of the yard as shown above.

And that’s it for this month! Nothing much to show but another page down and another month’s challenge fulfilled. 🙂

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