this is not knitting


Its not even knitting-adjacent. This is knitting in a bag. I’d hoped to have at least turned the heel after getting my studying done for the night, but each of the two hernias decided to pop out within the same 3 minute span, and it was all I could do to finish my online practice tests before crying uncle. My night is over, stitchless and weaveless, though I do plan on videogameing it in bed until the pain killers kick in.

What are YOUR favorite iPhone apps?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “this is not knitting

  1. Even after a large glass of Merlot, none of this makes sense. Is it just me?


  2. Box of Sox – my favourite time waster! I hate pairing socks from the dryer at home, so I don’t know why this one catches my interest!


  3. iHandy flashlight is awesome! I haven’t downloaded much for games yet, as I am afraid that is will negatively affect my knitting productivity (which is already quite pathetic) 😉


  4. Apps!

    Addicted to Diamond Dash. (my fave right now!) (free)
    Boggle. (99 cents)
    Scrabble (one is free one is maybe 99 cents I have both versions)
    Famil feud and friends (free)
    Numbers addict. (on sale right now for 99 cents)

    Those are the games I play!


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