last socks of 2011


We’re back from up north, and are taking a study break until tomorrow night. No guilty feelings here- we’ve been at it since Sunday night. (Studying, you pervs).

After sharing a nacho plate from Moe’s which was surprisingly tasty, we settled in to catch up on Supernatural and I worked my way down the foot of what is officially the last pair of socks cast on in 2011.


(Not my last unfinished project begun in 2011, I’m not THAT good! Hell I’m not even done with everything cast on in 2010…or 2009…or 2008…or 2007…or damnit I’ll shaddup now)

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “last socks of 2011

  1. Hehe. I don’t EVEN want to know when my oldest UFO was cast on…


  2. Come on…you’re not going to give us a list of your UFOs so we can razz you about them in a year or two when they’re still UFOs (cough spidey)


  3. Hmm, finishing off old UFO’s might be a good goal for 2012 (for me anyway). Love the socks!


  4. Are your taste buds back???!


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