now is later


Ever since my last post I’ve had little ideas for blog posts.  Tiny snippets, each not worthy enough to be a whole post, but part of a larger entity.  A photo of some wound cakes of yarn.  A picture of my funky nail polish.  An “aha!” or “oops!” or “groan!” moment that I wanted to capture.

So I make a mental note to do a blog post later, and use that little nugget.

Usually I’m at work, or feeding the kids, or driving, when these thoughts come to me.  Usually they are forgotten once I get to the next thing I’m doing, which, more often then not, isn’t a blog post.

I don’t think I need to save up for a big post.  I don’t think anyone’s checking their blog aggregator eagerly in the morning to see if I’ve come up with a 15 page treatise on let’s say cables.

I’m going to try to post these little things as they happen, maybe from the computer, maybe from my phone.  Each individual post might not be much, but as a whole they’ll probably add up to a lot more.

Kinda like knitting.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “now is later

  1. Love it. I’ll be checking my aggregator (also love that term) like crazy… 😉


  2. I got blogpress I think it’s called. It was like 2$ or something in the app store. I blog right from my phone sometimes! Why don’t you get that…!? You can add in photos as well! It’s quite awesome.


  3. Just checked… it’s called Blog Press indeed!


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