this new year is broken, i want a new one


I didn’t mean to let so much time go by between posts, but the (Jewish) new year has been rather unkind around here.  Starting the week between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, health and other issues around here went haywire.

There were some good moments, though, and some bust-a-gut, laughing-out-loud moments, like the night I went to check on the boys and walked in to find Henri asleep like this:

He stayed that way while I took the requisite pictures (a mommy’s right) and even slept through me cracking up.

This weekend brought these smiles, when we had a rare day all together as a family and spent some time at the park.

I’ve finished the back and both fronts of my Linden, and that bit up at the top is my first sleeve-in-progress.  That was also all the yarn I had left, so I took a break while Maaike used her spinning wheel to spin up the single cakes into double-stranded skeins, and then hung them to dry.  They’re currently in my basement, nice and dry, and I plan to spin them up tonight.

The break in Linden came at an opportune time, though, as my aunt had a hernia operation last Monday and I wanted to make something for her, so I’ve spent the last week knitting her a pair of cushy slippers.  I’ve just got about 7 more rows on the cuff and weaving in a few ends to go, and I hope to finish that tonight.

I also hope to knit a swatch from one of these babies tonight too.  Next month’s Montreal Knitting Guild meeting is going to be a swatching challenge, and Veronik Avery graciously donated these two cones of Nordique (in Carrot) for our use.  I need to knit up a swatch to know how much yardage one would take, then wind off about 40 mini-cakes- one for each member at the meeting.

Luckily I’ve finished my studying for the night so I can devote the next few hours to knitting.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “this new year is broken, i want a new one

  1. What a great bunch of pics and of knitting updates. Chris and I were just wondering how you all are, and here is your post as if in answer. I’m sorry to hear of the haywire, and hope you’ll call if you need suppport of any sort…


  2. Love the picture of Henri hanging off the bed. I have a picture of Quentin hanging out of his crib in the exact position, though, with a crib post between the legs! TOO FUNNY! They’re funny our dear children, and yes, we have full on mommy photography rights!!

    Hope things are going better for you these days, since all that stuff that was going on. See you soon – can’t believe Quentin is turning 1!


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