taking it easy


I had my umbilical hernia surgery on Monday, with no last-minute pulls from the OR again.  I think it went rather uneventfully, the surgery was at 12:30 and I’m pretty sure I was home by 5-ish.  I’m going to be home for the next 8 weeks, under doctor’s orders not to lift anything heavier than a book, especially since after fixing my LAST hernias, a new one appeared 3 weeks later, during the time I was still taking it easy/no lifting/etc.  This time I need to be EXTRA careful.

I’ve spent 99% of my time since getting home in bed.  It’s a pretty sweet setup, with both my laptop and iphone here with me…though I’ve been sleeping so much that I haven’t been able to take advantage.  I just don’t have the strength or energy yet to get some work done, though that will have to change soon ‘cus our live midterm is next weekend.  😦  My online midterm showed me that I’ve got a LOT of studying to do if I want a good mark.

To keep my sanity level even, I have a small knitting bag in bed with me.  It’s a sock, worked on a magic-looped circ, so I’m not worried about putting it down (or falling asleep halfway through a row) and losing stitches.

After seeing the Zauberball yarn I picked up last week, Maaike decided to get some too.  We’re doing a mini KAL, both having divided our balls in half, then winding one of those halves from the outside-in, so that the colors run in the opposite direction.  We’re both doing toe-up socks with 3 rows from each ball per stripe, with the only difference being that she did her toe and heel in a solid black yarn, and a wrap/turn short row heel, whereas I did my toe striped right from the get-go, and I’ll be doing a YO short row heel.

Go figure that after all the work to rearrange the yarn, I still ended up with a section of overlapping colors.  I could have cut the yarn and forced the stripes to continue, but I decided to just let the yarn do what it wants.

I only managed to get about 10 minutes of knitting done yesterday morning, but it was worth it just for the peace it gave me.  Plus peeking into my knitting bag makes me feel like I’ve got a bouquet of Spring blossoms in here with me.

Somehow, even with the pain meds I’m on, I even managed to fix a stitch that looked wonky.

This is as much as I’ll be posting for now, ‘cus I can’t put the computer on my lap, and it’s obnoxious to try and type with one hand, over to the side.  If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied yet, it’s just ‘cus I’m waiting until I can sit at the table, ‘cus this is really awkward.  I just wanted to let you know that the surgery went well, and that for the first time in 2 years, I seem to be hernia-free!  🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “taking it easy

  1. See….lounging. 🙂

    Hope your recovery is quick and painless. Hooray for no more hernias!


  2. You need one of those rolling trays like in the hospital. I think I saw some at Bed Bath And Beyond (or similar). Or even a ‘breakfast in bed’ tray with the legs…
    That sock yarn is adorable!
    Get lots of rest! I’ll understand if you don’t do any mega-commenting sessions on my blog for a while 🙂 LOL.


  3. Wow, on meds and fixing wonky stitches. I don’t know if I’d be able on pain meds to do so. I remember trying to knit after giving birth (and Q in the incubator so I actually had my hands free). I could not concentrate on the pattern. So much so that I ended up having to frog because of errors I made. Knitting + pain meds = not for me!


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