what do you have if you have an elephant with a trunk, half of a leg, and no ears or tail?




I have had VERY little knitting time lately, but I deliberately don’t schedule studying for Thursday nights because Yannick has bowling, and I figure- if HE doesn’t have to study… LOL

So last night, as soon as the boys were down for the count, I sat down with a few episodes of Face Off (the special effects makeup reality show competition) and knit.  I managed to do the last 2 ridges before the split for the head/body, complete the trunk, do 13 more rows on the body, and just under 1/2 of the first leg.

What’s cool about the pattern is that instead of just being a flat elephant shape, the decreases actually cause the panel to curve, so when stuffed, it comes by its round shape organically.  I like that.

I got word from KP today that they received my pattern, and it will be going live sometime next week.  WOO HOO!  You can be sure I’ll be posting it here as soon as I get the word.

In the meantime, here’s a little tease…any guesses?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “what do you have if you have an elephant with a trunk, half of a leg, and no ears or tail?

  1. Hmmm….that pic looks like a —wait, I know, so won’t spill the beans!.

    Hooray for KP and publishing yet another awesome pattern. Hooray for flat elephants. I know you’ll eventually make it work in the round, but brainless knitting is fun sometimes too.


  2. p.s. did the elephant turn out as big as you’d hoped it would? it’s hard to tell the scale by the photo.


  3. Can’t wait to see your pattern on KP live! Is it live yet…!? Or not yet? I guess I’ll keep reading your blog!

    Can’t wait to see that elephant done!


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