What a day. Henri has been having some movement problems, and since June we’ve been doing tests to try and find out the cause. Today was another long day at the hospital. I’m really confident with the doctor we now have, though, even though the next few months will require many more tests.

By the time we got home Henri was 2 hours past his nap, and exhausted. I let him sleep then woke him about half an hour before suppertime. He was so sleepy that all he wanted to do was lie in my arms and cuddle…which was actually kinda nice after the rough day we’d had.

Tonight’s guild meeting was a welcome break at the end of a long day. Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts was there, selling yarn and giving a little lecture on how she started and got where she is. Veronik Avery came back, and brought Robin Melanson, who was nice to meet. In all it was a great evening. That is, until I got home.

Yannick had been spending the night working on my car, cus some lady slammed on her breaks in front of me in the middle of turning a corner, causing me to hit her. We pulled over but it didn’t look like there was damage to either car, and the kids were with me, and when I went to check on them she told me she had to leave and she took off. Well tonight it turns out that there was more damage to my car than I’d thought, and now I have to spend tomorrow driving around in Yannick’s car (which I hate doing) buying all the expensive parts. This sucks.

To end on a more positive note, here’s the latest attempt at the daycare teacher gifts. It’s the Karaoke Mitts (you can find them on Ravelry…I don’t have the link handy). I’m following the patt though I had to go down a needle size as I got gauge with the 4.5mm as called for but the cuff itself was HUGE. I like what I’m getting with the 4mm. Also, instead of doing the mini twists as “k into back of 2nd st then into 1st, then drop both”, I’m doing “k2tog then k 1st st again, then drop both”.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “2010-11-09

  1. Cute mittens for the teachers! Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

    EEssh an accident!? I hope you’ve replaced your car seats?! They’re no good after being involved in an accident. I hope you all are okay. Did you get her license plate #.

    I had no idea that was Robin Melanson!? Veronik introduced me to her as “Robyn, this is Robin” and I didn’t even realize! LOL. Cool!

    Hope the kids are okay.


  2. (And I hope you’re okay too – obviously. Accidentally hit send before I was done typing).


  3. Sorry to hear that Henri’s issues still aren’t resolved 😦 Poor little guy’s had a rough start, hasn’t he? And truly bummed about missing the Guild meeting! But I was home tending to my own sick little one… See you for Anne Hanson in 2 weeks though!!!!


  4. Ugh, what a day that was! I’m glad everyone is OK and hope that the car isn’t too terrible to fix. People can be pretty terrible sometimes, can’t they? I hope Henri’s tests turn out OK and that the new doctor figures everything out.

    The mitts look great so far!


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